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Language model trained with reversed words

The model weights here were trained using Tiny Stories, but with the words and puncuation reversed.

This is described at:


Running the reverse inference

The model may be ran using these weights with the 'llama2.c' project.

The input tokens are expected in reverse, and the output tokens are also in reverse. For example, "This is a test.", becomes ".test a is This".

We can simply run with reversed input, and see the reversed output.

./run  revstories15M.bin -s 3 -i '.sky the in butterfly'

.sky the in butterfly purple beautiful the about family her tell ...

But to have the input and output unreversed, we can use the 'wtac' script to reverse the words.

./run  revstories15M.bin -s 3 -i "$(echo 'butterfly in the sky.' | python3 wtac.py)" | python3 ./wtac.py

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Lily. She loved to play in the park with her friends. One day, the butterfly landed on Lily's hands and led her to a flower. Lily was very happy and couldn't wait to tell her family about the beautiful purple butterfly in the sky.

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