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bad-artist 'negative' embedding


Model Card WIP.

The images above were generated with only "solo" in the positive prompt, and "sketch by bad-artist" (this embedding) in the negative.
The embedding uses only 2 tokens.

Textual-inversion embedding for use in unconditional (negative) prompt.
Inspired partly by https://huggingface.co/datasets/Nerfgun3/bad_prompt.

There are currently 2 version:

  • 'bad-artist': Not as strong, but produces pretty unique images (recommended)
  • 'bad-artist-anime': More generic anime style (this was the first version uploaded)

I recommend using with 'by', so for example "sketch by bad-artist", or "painting by bad-artist", or "photograph by bad-artist", etc.

Trained with 2 vectors per token for 15000 (1850x8) steps, at 500x500, on an Anything-v3-based model.

Full generation parameters for images above (using the 'bad-artist' version, not the 'bad-artist-anime' version):

Negative prompt: sketch by bad-artist
Steps: 15, Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras, CFG scale: 4, Seed: 1476197242, Size: 512x640, Clip skip: 2
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