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PixelCascade128 v0.1

This is an early version of PixelCascade128, a LoRa for Stable Cascade Stace C for pixel art.

Disclaimer: v0.1 can't produce pixel perfect or grid aligned output

grid128.png grid256.png

How to use

  • Only tested on ComfyUI, choose one of the provided workflows (txt2img or img2img)
  • Ensure you're using the correct Stable Cascade files (Stage A, B and C, effnet_encoder for img2img)
  • Best results are with Stage C/B BF16 weights

How to get the best results

  • Use a UNet and CLIP strength of ~1.0 to 0.7
  • To force pixel art style use the "pixel art" keyword
  • You can use "white background" on negative prompt to remove simple backgrounds
  • Downscaling x8 times with nearest neighbors or using Astropulse's Pixel Detector can help to make them pixel perfect
  • Works great for 2048x2048 outputs, best results are img2img from a 1024x1024 samples
  • Euler a sampler works the best, 20 steps Stage C, 10 steps Stage B
  • 2048x2048 samples might generate distorted images, use img2img with 0.7 strength



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