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(Boomer Art Model)
Sample Image v2

1970s - 1990s Fantasy / Sci-fi illustrations for SDXL.

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  1. High-resolution images: Trained on 1024x1024 images (default for XL).
  2. Various art-styles: Multiple artists/illustrators from the 1970s - 1990s. A list of artists tags can be found bellow.
  3. Easy to prompt: Stylization of simple prompts can be achieved with as little as one special token (trigger) appended to the end of your prompt.
  4. True to source: Special attention was payed to insure that the artstyle(s) being generated are as close to the individuals artstyle as possible.
  5. Flexible: Can be easily merged with other SDXL checkpoints / LoRAs for more expansive generations.
  6. Full parameter fine-tune: This is a full parameter fine-tune of the original SDXL base 1.0 model. Both the U-Net and both text-encoders were tuned during training.

General Information:

  • Base model - SDXL v1.0
  • VAE - sdxl-vae-fp16-fix
  • Type - Full-parameter fine-tune, including text-encoders, float16 (fp16).
  • Style - Painting, Drawling, Illustration, digital painting


Note: More artists have been addded in V2 and the special token is no longer strictly required. Model card will be updated to reflect these changes.

Special Tokens:

  • BAStyle, a general prefix that is not strictly required but can help maintain the models style.
    • Place at beginning of your prompt.

Artist Tags: Appending these tags to the end of your prompt will guide the model to generate an output in the style of the artist that's being tagged.

  • by Boris Vallejo
  • by Brom
  • by Caza
  • by Chris Foss
  • by Clyde Caldwell
  • by Col Price
  • by Dave Dorman
  • by Frank Frazetta
    • sketches by Frank Frazetta
  • by Kelly Freas
  • by John Berkey
  • by Gimenez
  • by Ken Kelly
  • modern art by Kirsi Salonen
  • modern art by Kyu Yong Eom
  • by Luis Royo
  • by Michael Whelan
  • by Mike Hoffman
  • by Milo Manara
  • by Moebius
  • by Philippe Druillet
  • by Sanjulian
  • by Ted Nasmith

A wildcard can be found in the 'files'.

Random Style Generation (RSG) Token: The following token (trigger) is a made-up artist that generates an image in the style of a random artist. It's not perfect but can yield interesting results.

  • by Gladius


BAM! inherits some (not all) of the limitations from the original SDXL v1.0 model.
BIAS: This model is bias towards paintings, drawings, and illustrations from the 1970s - 1980s.

Future updates are already in the works to bring SDXL up to — and beyond SD1.5 standards. If you want to contribute, DM me at the discord thread linked above. My goal is to create fine-tunes on unique styles or concepts SDXL struggles with, expanding the pool of models for merging.

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