MUDES - {Mu}ltilingual {De}tection of Offensive {S}pans

We provide state-of-the-art models to detect toxic spans in social media texts. We introduce our framework in this paper. We have evaluated our models on Toxic Spans task at SemEval 2021 (Task 5). Our participation in the task is detailed in this paper.


You can use this model when you have MUDES installed:

pip install mudes

Then you can use the model like this:

from import MUDESApp

app = MUDESApp("en-large", use_cuda=False)
print(app.predict_toxic_spans("You motherfucking cunt", spans=True))

System Demonstration

An experimental demonstration interface called MUDES-UI has been released on GitHub and can be checked out in here.

Citing & Authors

If you find this model helpful, feel free to cite our publications

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