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English Vossian Antonomasia Sentence Classifier

This page presents a fine-tuned BERT-base-cased language model for classifying sentences that include Vossian Antonomasia. The label "VA" corresponds to the occurrence of a Vossian Antonomasia in the sentence.


The dataset is a labeled Vossian Antonomasia dataset that evolved from Schwab et al. 2019 and was updated in Schwab et al. 2022.


F1 score: 0.974

For more results, please have a look at our paper.


Please cite the following paper when using this model.

  title={“The Rodney Dangerfield of Stylistic Devices”: End-to-End Detection and Extraction of Vossian Antonomasia Using Neural Networks},
  author={Schwab, Michel and J{\"a}schke, Robert and Fischer, Frank},
  journal={Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence},
  publisher={Frontiers Media SA}

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Visit our Website for more research on Vossian Antonomasia, including interactive visualizations for exploration.

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