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Fine-tuning LLMs is rad, but how do you manage all your checkpoints and evals in a production setting?

We partnered with @hamel to ship an Enterprise Model Management course packed full of learnings for those training, evaluating and deploying models at work.

Topics include:
- What webhooks are & how to use them to create integrations with different tools
- How to automate train -> eval runs
- Improving model governance and documentation
- Comparing candidate and baseline models
- Design patterns & recipes
- Lots more...

Would love to hear what you think!

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Delighted to share a course I've learned a ton from about getting better outputs from LLMs

We released it last Thursday (free) and at just 30 minutes of content total, its very information-dense with non-stop learnings covering important concepts around LLM validation, making your approach to LLM prompting more pythonic and quickly covers a basic RAG application at the end.

Would love to hear what ye think!