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Welcome to the x 🤗 Study Group

Where does the community live in?

👾 hf-fastai channel in the Discord server. You can ask your questions too!

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💝 To get started with the sprint, check out this page containing end-to-end workflow we expect and tutorials.

Who are we?

Group to share Vision and Text pre-trained fastai Learners with the community for further community usage and reproducibility.

What are we doing?

We're training models, building demos to them and share them. We believe in openly sharing knowledge and resources to democratize AI for all. At Hugging Face, we encourage all practitioners who train models to contribute by sharing them with the community. Even when trained on particular data sets, sharing Learners will help others save time and computing resources, and give them access to valuable trained artifacts. In turn, you can benefit from the work that others have done. Additionally, shared Learners can be replicated by other community members through, for example, the inference API or repository cloning.

Relevant links 🔗

📓 Here is a notebook on how to share and load fastai Learners to and from the Hugging Face Hub, including Learners using blurr.

📚 Hugging Face documentation on