Grey background and other tips for best results

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I've been experimenting with node setups to push this model further and had an additional question about having good foundations to get optimal results with this.

The grey background (#808080) you mentioned in the model card. Is that meant as a replacement for the non-module palette color (normally white) for the QR that is fed into the controlnet input, or is that a color to use for any area outside the square bounds of the entire code?

Since the training process does not have much info, the current description leaves some ambiguity. I do know from small tests that if I make a dual color QR with #000000 and #808080 in a simple setup without using a qr img to img starting point, it won't be scannable even when cranking up the controlnet strength to 10. But it works fine with the #FFFFFFF non module color.

Was my initial interpretation completely wrong (and the input should consist of white+black and grey on the outside) or was it a recommendation to enhance greater QR contrast flexibility (with the assumption that img2img will also be used)?

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It is in fact gray on the outside, here an example I gave on civitai:
Sorry for the ambiguity 😢

@achiru No worries! Thanks so much for the clarification.

I guess my final question is if there are any future plans to expand to 2.1 and XL. I see the example has a nice set of dimensions at 768 x 768 πŸ˜€. Is that a clue for an upcoming release?

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No plans for 2.1, but I'm in the process of making a XL version.
The 768x768 images are made with 1.5, it works well.

YEAH !!! very XooL

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