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This model is a fine-tuned version of gpt2 on the imdb dataset. It achieves the following results on the evaluation set:

  • Loss: 0.1703
  • Accuracy: 0.9394

Model description

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Intended uses & limitations

This is comparable to distilbert-imdb and trained with exactly the same script

It achieves slightly lower loss (0.1703 vs 0.1903) and slightly higher accuracy (0.9394 vs 0.928)

Training and evaluation data

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Training procedure

Training hyperparameters

The following hyperparameters were used during training:

  • learning_rate: 5e-05
  • train_batch_size: 16
  • eval_batch_size: 16
  • seed: 42
  • optimizer: Adam with betas=(0.9,0.999) and epsilon=1e-08
  • lr_scheduler_type: linear
  • num_epochs: 1

Training results

Training Loss Epoch Step Validation Loss Accuracy
0.1967 1.0 1563 0.1703 0.9394

Framework versions

  • Transformers 4.18.0
  • Pytorch 1.13.1+cu117
  • Datasets 2.9.0
  • Tokenizers 0.12.1
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