Might consider attribution

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Being mean and annoying will not help us here.

I think open sourcing things would be beneficial for you and your company.
With mixtral and mistral 7b you've got quite a good reputation. I do not want another "Open"AI situation.

So did he avoid the watermarking by quantizing it?

This is the funniest pull request of all time.

So did he avoid the watermarking by quantizing it?

Mistral shared a quant version of it with some partners, that's what this is. Possible the lower quants are re-quantized though.


any chance you'd drop the whole thing now that the cat is out of the bag?

Your response, miqusister? @miqudev

Bro probably got booted lol

also if you guys did not see this:

Thank you for being so cool with this, looking forward to the future of Mistral!

Plan: trusted
Doubters: BTFO
F16: confirmed?!

Works on my machine. Looks good to merge. πŸ‘πŸ»


Here to request dropping full fp16 weights, if possible! πŸ™

I should also note that it was converted back to fp16 multiple times now, so it would make no sense to not release it entirely.
I know you are a company and need to ear money, but please try other ways than monitizing the model itself, even donations can help.

We as a community would be really thankful if you could release this model officially.

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Weights converted to fp16 and the original fp16 weights are obviously not the same (the latter are better).

@miqudev you should post fp16/q8 (dunno what quant you have) now, you have nothing to lose!

@axra yes, they are still fp16 weights of the model tho, and you can train on them ;)


its real

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All I want to say is leaking models is uncool but I love how Mistral has handled this.

@axra For the company yes, for me not because i want the open source community to go forward.

@axra For the company yes, for me not because i want the open source community to go forward.

Mistral is already doing so much for the open source community.

Was mistral medium open sourced? Didn't think so

They are seeming to go the openai route which btw.. i do not like.

At that point just release fp16.

so is this leak gonna go the llama1 route of being non-commercial used exclusively by redditors for erp or is it gonna go the llama2 route

They are seeming to go the openai route which btw.. i do not like.

They have to make money somehow. I think people like to conveniently forget that.

read my earlier posts in here


Waiting for the blokes Q2 of this cos the Q5 was too slow to be usable with 2x 3090 but Llama license should apply here imo.

I am posting in an epic thread.

we need a license, i suggest "apache-2.0-but-leaked"


I was here.

Dear @arthurmensch , as a French quant to a French FP16, I'm asking you ; please publish the FP16.

This alpha is showcasing very well French tech in general and Mistral in particular, while being probably obsolete from your company standpoint : that's a win-win to surf on this wave rather than just wave at it!

The folks who will use it and tune it here will be among your best ambassadors!

Allez Arthur, sois LE MENSCH, et fais pΓ©ter le fp16 !

Goat PR

we need a license, i suggest "apache-2.0-but-leaked"

Oh yes, that would be pretty funny, please make it happen !

Posting Bizmuth in an epic thread


I Propose: OUR-MIQU

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This pull request will go down in history lmao


F16 plz!

Heh.. so miqudev probably only has GGUF and no F16 to post.

I was here too

Hi I heard there was free coffee here.

Don't know about that, but we have Monster if you need a fix.
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This is crazy!

Hi mom, I am on the Netflix mini series about Mistral

That's so cool, I'm sure it's historic!


Be still mine beating lungs...

Hello Netflix viewers!

Gonna need the name of that ex-employee for attribution. Would be epic if Mensch just goes full-sail into this and outs him in the PR.

Hi mum, I'm on TV!

Might consider attribution df370c87

You guys are hands down my favorite AI lab.


This will surely be in a documentary in the future

Cant wait to see what else you guys have in petto. Especially as you stated that this is an old version of your flagship and you improved it by a lot!

Open source with anime icon go brrrrrrr