Can it be used with Automatic1111 webui ? #1

by Mikerhinos - opened

If yes, how ?
I only used my own embeddings which are .pt files.

Edit : ok I only need to put the bin and 2 txt files in my embeddings folder and negative prompt using "in the style of " ?
These are some tiny files it's amazing the effect it has on images 0_0

do you need to rename the files or anything? not working for me to just put them in embeddings folder (on Automatic1111)

i can't seen to figure out how to use. whats the right folder to download this?

IIRC the Automatic Web UI does support conversion from this format, but not an expert there.

I had success renaming "learned_embeds.bin" as "" and putting it in the "embeddings" folder. Then use negative prompt of "in the style of XbadX"

Although this does a great job at improving the composure and style of the encoding. I have notices some JPEG style artifacts that seem to be caused by this e.g.:


(x2 Zoom of a section of image showing issue)

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