Cross-lingual version ProphetNet, pretrained on wiki100 xGLUE dataset and finetuned on xGLUE cross-lingual Question Generation task.
ProphetNet is a new pre-trained language model for sequence-to-sequence learning with a novel self-supervised objective called future n-gram prediction.
ProphetNet is able to predict more future tokens with a n-stream decoder. The original implementation is Fairseq version at github repo.

xProphetNet is also served as the baseline model for xGLUE cross-lingual natural language generation tasks.
For xGLUE corss-lingual NLG tasks, xProphetNet is finetuned with English data, but inference with both English and other zero-shot language data.


A quick usage is like:

from transformers import ProphetNetTokenizer, ProphetNetForConditionalGeneration, ProphetNetConfig

model = ProphetNetForConditionalGeneration.from_pretrained('microsoft/xprophetnet-large-wiki100-cased-xglue-qg')
tokenizer = ProphetNetTokenizer.from_pretrained('microsoft/xprophetnet-large-wiki100-cased-xglue-qg')

EN_SENTENCE = "Google left China in 2010"
ZH_SENTENCE = "Google在2010年离开中国"
inputs = tokenizer([EN_SENTENCE, ZH_SENTENCE], padding=True, max_length=256, return_tensors='pt')

summary_ids = model.generate(inputs['input_ids'], num_beams=4, max_length=100, early_stopping=True)
print([tokenizer.decode(g) for g in summary_ids])  


  title={Prophetnet: Predicting future n-gram for sequence-to-sequence pre-training},
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