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transformers-ud-japanese-electra-ginza-510 (sudachitra-wordpiece, mC4 Japanese)

This is an ELECTRA model pretrained on approximately 200M Japanese sentences extracted from the mC4 and finetuned by spaCy v3 on UD_Japanese_BCCWJ r2.8.

The base pretrain model is megagonlabs/transformers-ud-japanese-electra-base-discrimininator.

The entire spaCy v3 model is distributed as a python package named ja_ginza_electra from PyPI along with GiNZA v5 which provides some custom pipeline components to recognize the Japanese bunsetu-phrase structures. Try running it as below:

$ pip install ginza ja_ginza_electra
$ ginza


The models are distributed under the terms of the MIT License.


This model is permitted to be published under the MIT License under a joint research agreement between NINJAL (National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics) and Megagon Labs Tokyo.


Contains information from mC4 which is made available under the ODC Attribution License.

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