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Mann-E Turbo

This is a part of Mann-E Community Edition models. This model is a basic implementation of Mann-E's original model (which is not Stable Diffusion anymore) as a LoRa for SDXL. Since the whole business of Mann-E started around SD ecosystem, we've decided to release our LoRa for SD users and people who enjoy using models locally!


  • Model IS capable of making accidental and intentional NSFW material. So be careful while using the LoRa in presence of people who might be sensitive to this material.
  • The model has tested with SDXL 1.0, SDXL Turbo and even SDXL Lightning models and it works perfectly.
    • We've tested the model with A1111, so for diffusers and ComfyUI, we may need contributions.
    • DreamShaperXL, TurboVisioXL and RealVis were models with the best results. You may consider using them or merges/fine-tunes based on those!
  • This LoRa is compatible with other LoRa's as well. Be careful to weight it exactly 1 to get results like what we're presenting here.
  • DPM SDE++ Karras is the best scheduler. 6-10 steps for turbo models work perfectly, also CFG of 2.5 to 4.0 works perfectly!

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