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What is it?

A small GPT2 (lvwerra/gpt2-imdb) language model fine-tuned to produce controlled movie reviews based the IMDB dataset. The model is trained with rewards from a BERT sentiment classifier (lvwerra/bert-imdb) via PPO.

Training setting

The model was trained for 200 optimisation steps with a batch size of 256 which corresponds to 51200 training samples. The full experiment setup can be found in the Jupyter notebook in the trl repo. The strings "[negative]", "[neutral]", and "[positive]" are added at the beginning of the query to control the sentiment.


A few examples of the model response to a query before and after optimisation:

query response [negative] rewards [negative] response [neutral] rewards [neutral] response [positive] rewards [positive]
I watched this movie when it was released and was awful. Little bit of ... 3.130034 it was released and it was the first movie I ... -1.351991 I was younger it was wonderful. The new play ... 4.232218
I can remember seeing this movie in 2008, and I was so disappointed...yo... 3.428725 in support groups, which I think was not as i... 0.213288 movie, and it is one of my favorite movies ev... 4.168838
This 1970 hit film has little resonance. This movie is bad, not only... 4.241872 a bit of Rocket power.783287. It can be easil... 0.849278 the best formula for comedy and is't just jus... 4.208804
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