OSError when used with transformers #1

by - opened

This is what I wanted to run:

from transformers import AutoProcessor

model_name =  "laion/CLIP-ViT-H-14-frozen-xlm-roberta-large-laion5B-s13B-b90k"
tokenizer = AutoProcessor.from_pretrained(model_name)

This is the error:

OSError: laion/CLIP-ViT-H-14-frozen-xlm-roberta-large-laion5B-s13B-b90k does not appear to have a file named config.json. Checkout 'https://huggingface.co/laion/CLIP-ViT-H-14-frozen-xlm-roberta-large-laion5B-s13B-b90k/main' for available files.
LAION eV org

Yeah I'm afraid I only made this work for openclip
Not sure how to produce the needed config files for transformers

Do you know @rwightman ?

LAION eV org

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