Sentence similarity model based on SlovakBERT

This is a sentence similarity model based on SlovakBERT. The model was fine-tuned using STSbenchmark [Cer et al 2017] translated to Slovak using M2M100. The model can be used as an universal sentence encoder for Slovak sentences.


The model was evaluated in our paper [Pikuliak et al 2021, Section 4.3]. It achieves 0.7910.791 Spearman correlation on STSbenchmark test set.


Using this model becomes easy when you have sentence-transformers installed:

pip install -U sentence-transformers

Then you can use the model like this:

from sentence_transformers import SentenceTransformer
sentences = ["This is an example sentence", "Each sentence is converted"]

model = SentenceTransformer('kinit/slovakbert-sts-stsb')
embeddings = model.encode(sentences)


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