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There are three models(*1) that I like, and I have carefully merged them into "BakaOnE".


By taking advantage of these original trained model(*2), we have achieved a quality that is as good as other sd1.5 models.


When hierarchically merging this model, we used multiple options to select limbs and hands that were stable. Additionally, I followed the inspiration from my testicles and chose the better result.

Did you notice how many latex bodysuits and swimsuits are in the sample images? That's what I mean.


*1: sorry, my goal is "DONT USED NovelAI LEAK", but i wrong.

*2: those licence is CreativeML Open RAIL-M. it is too.

recommend vae

this model isnt baked. use vae others.

my highly recommend vae is vae-ft-mse-840000-ema-pruned.safetensors :


notice: sample pics

i highly recommend the model used with lora.

i like lora for visual effect, especially made 2vXpSwA7's lora (ex: lora:flat2:-0.5, lora:hairdetailer:0.4, lora:deluster1:-0.5)


The second half of the pics shows examples of these uses.

and this:

dont used top

used top

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