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SuperCOT is a LoRA trained with the aim of making LLaMa follow prompts for Langchain better, by infusing chain-of-thought datasets, code explanations and instructions, snippets, logical deductions and Alpaca GPT-4 prompts. It uses a mixture of the following datasets:


  • Chain of thought QED
  • Chain of thought Aqua
  • CodeAlpaca


  • Code snippets


  • Alpaca GPT4

Merged Models



(Thanks to all the awesome anons with supercomputers)


This LoRA is compatible with any 7B, 13B or 30B 4-bit quantized LLaMa model, including ggml quantized converted bins


You should prompt the LoRA the same way you would prompt Alpaca or Alpacino:

Below is an instruction that describes a task, paired with an input that provides further context. Write a response that appropriately completes the request.

### Instruction:

### Input:
<any additional context. Remove this if it's not neccesary>

### Response:
<make sure to leave a single new-line here for optimal results>

Remember that with lower parameter sizes, the structure of the prompt becomes more important. The same prompt worded differently can give wildly different answers. Consider using the following suggestion suffixes to improve output quality:

  • "Think through this step by step"
  • "Let's think about this logically"
  • "Explain your reasoning"
  • "Provide details to support your answer"
  • "Compare and contrast your answer with alternatives"

Coming Soon

  • Tweet fix for 13B and 7B - lower model sizes seem to be extremely sensitive to hashtags at the end of training data responses, especially at longer cutoffs


Alpaca COT datasets

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Stanford Alpaca

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Google FLAN

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