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Contributed by

julien-c Julien Chaumond company
7 models

EsperBERTo: RoBERTa-like Language model trained on Esperanto

Companion model to blog post πŸ”₯

Training Details

  • current checkpoint: 566000
  • machine name: galinette

Example pipeline

from transformers import TokenClassificationPipeline, pipeline

MODEL_PATH = "./models/EsperBERTo-small-pos/"

nlp = pipeline(
# or instantiate a TokenClassificationPipeline directly.

nlp("Mi estas viro kej estas tago varma.")

# {'entity': 'PRON', 'score': 0.9979867339134216, 'word': ' Mi'}
# {'entity': 'VERB', 'score': 0.9683094620704651, 'word': ' estas'}
# {'entity': 'VERB', 'score': 0.9797462821006775, 'word': ' estas'}
# {'entity': 'NOUN', 'score': 0.8509314060211182, 'word': ' tago'}
# {'entity': 'ADJ', 'score': 0.9996201395988464, 'word': ' varma'}