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Aether Pixel - LoRA for SDXL

Image 0

a close-up action shot profile of sonic the hedgehog running dissolving into pixels, cinematic, intricate, dark background

This is Aether PIXEL - a LoRA that makes stuff fall apart into pixels. It operates well without negative prompting for straightforward tasks. Be sure to explore the prompt examples alongside the images in this gallery.

Activate by using dissolving into pixels as key phrase.

Thanks to Masslevel for all the awesome images!

Special thanks to RunDiffusion for sponsoring the finetuning of this LoRA. It was developed using Lastben's SDXL LoRA trainer via RunDiffusion. Aether Pixel is soon accessible on their platform for experimentation.

Image examples for the model:

Image 1

photo of a robot man dissolving into pixels kissing a robot woman dissolving into pixels, cinematic, cyberpunk, dark night

Image 2

super mario dissolving into pixels,, windy, dark background

Image 3

neo played by keanu reeves dissolving into pixels, matrix 1999, cinematic, intricate, green matrix code in the background

Image 4

(melancholic black and white japanese girl dissolving into colorful pixels.:1.3) a color 35mm glamour close-up portrait photograph. melancholic scene. gazing at the intricate patterns of a mandala pre-winter at dusk as if shot by a famous fashion photographer using the aperture f/1.8. the mood is dark and gritty.

Image 5

a sloth dissolving into pixels

Image 6

photo of a woman dissolving into pixels

Image 7

photo profile of a man dissolving into pixels upwards, windy

Image 8

a color 35mm glamour close-up portrait photograph of a melancholic norwegian middle-aged person dissolving into pixels. standing looking at the stars during summer at twilight as if shot by a famous fashion photographer using the aperture f/1.8

Image 9

a banana dissolving into pixels

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