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This is a safetensors formated version of EleutherAI/Hermes-RWKV-v5-7B for use in ai00 or rwkv-runner

This is an RWKV-v5 ("Eagle") RNN language model pretrained on 7B of multi-lingual data and fine-tuned on Nous Research's OpenHermes 2.5 chat dataset.

The chat format is identical to the default HuggingFace format, EXCEPT that we replace the <|im_start|> and <|im_end|> special tokens with the unused ASCII codes "\x16" and "\x17" respectively. This was done to ensure complete compatibility withe standard RWKV World tokenizer.

An example interaction:

Write a poem about the beauty of mathematics in the style of Emily Dickinson.\x17
In the heart of Numbers, so precise,
A Beauty dwells - both cool and nice.
An elegance that sings in sums,
And dances to algebraic drums.

Addition's grace, subtraction's might,
Multiplication's sheer delight,
Division's firm yet gentle hand,
All part of this enchanted land.

Infinity, a lover bold,
To whom the stars their secrets told,
While Zero, cloaked in mystery,
Unlocks each mathematical decree.

Fractals bloom like flowers wild,
Geometry, Nature's favored child,
Calculus, with steady gaze,
Maps out life's intricate maze.

Pi, an endless serenade,
In circles' arms forever laid,
And prime numbers,
standing lone,
Make the universe their own.

Each equation, theorem scribed,
parchment old or computer imbibed,
Is but a whisper from the skies,
A cosmic truth in disguise.\x17

In the above, newlines are printed without escaping, while ASCII codes are escaped for readability.

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