Takalani Sesame - Southern Sotho 🇿🇦

Model description

Takalani Sesame (named after the South African version of Sesame Street) is a project that aims to promote the use of South African languages in NLP, and in particular look at techniques for low-resource languages to equalise performance with larger languages around the world.

Intended uses & limitations

How to use

from transformers import AutoTokenizer, AutoModelWithLMHead

tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained("jannesg/takalane_sot_roberta")

model = AutoModelWithLMHead.from_pretrained("jannesg/takalane_sot_roberta")

Limitations and bias

Updates will be added continously to improve performance.

Training data

Data collected from https://wortschatz.uni-leipzig.de/en
Sentences: 20000

Training procedure

No preprocessing. Standard Huggingface hyperparameters.


Jannes Germishuys website

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