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IndoBERT is the Indonesian version of BERT model. We train the model using over 220M words, aggregated from three main sources:

  • Indonesian Wikipedia (74M words)
  • news articles from Kompas, Tempo (Tala et al., 2003), and Liputan6 (55M words in total)
  • an Indonesian Web Corpus (Medved and Suchomel, 2017) (90M words).

We trained the model for 2.4M steps (180 epochs) with the final perplexity over the development set being 3.97 (similar to English BERT-base).

This IndoBERT was used to examine IndoLEM - an Indonesian benchmark that comprises of seven tasks for the Indonesian language, spanning morpho-syntax, semantics, and discourse.

Task Metric Bi-LSTM mBERT MalayBERT IndoBERT
POS Tagging Acc 95.4 96.8 96.8 96.8
NER UGM F1 70.9 71.6 73.2 74.9
NER UI F1 82.2 82.2 87.4 90.1
Dep. Parsing (UD-Indo-GSD) UAS/LAS 85.25/80.35 86.85/81.78 86.99/81.87 87.12/82.32
Dep. Parsing (UD-Indo-PUD) UAS/LAS 84.04/79.01 90.58/85.44 88.91/83.56 89.23/83.95
Sentiment Analysis F1 71.62 76.58 82.02 84.13
Summarization R1/R2/RL 67.96/61.65/67.24 68.40/61.66/67.67 68.44/61.38/67.71 69.93/62.86/69.21
Next Tweet Prediction Acc 73.6 92.4 93.1 93.7
Tweet Ordering Spearman corr. 0.45 0.53 0.51 0.59

The paper is published at the 28th COLING 2020. Please refer to https://indolem.github.io for more details about the benchmarks.

How to use

Load model and tokenizer (tested with transformers==3.5.1)

from transformers import AutoTokenizer, AutoModel
tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained("indolem/indobert-base-uncased")
model = AutoModel.from_pretrained("indolem/indobert-base-uncased")


If you use our work, please cite:

  title={IndoLEM and IndoBERT: A Benchmark Dataset and Pre-trained Language Model for Indonesian NLP},
  author={Fajri Koto and Afshin Rahimi and Jey Han Lau and Timothy Baldwin},
  booktitle={Proceedings of the 28th COLING},
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