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ILLUIN Technology provides advanced technological solutions for its customers, with a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence.

Our offer

  • 👉 ILLUIN Talk: create the most advanced omnichannel conversational agents and assistants (chatbots, callbots, voice parser, speech analyzer) on the market thanks to this cutting-edge technological suite (NLU engine, dialogue engine, real-time analysis of voice flows)
  • 👉 ILLUIN Doc: automate the analysis and processing of your documents with this state-of-the-art NLP suite (natural language search engine, document parsing).
  • 👉 Professional services: From POC to industrialization, mobilize our technological expertise - NLU/NLP, Computer Vision, Structured Data, Fullstack Dev, Mobile, Ops, etc. - to meet your most ambitious challenges!
  • 👉 Acculturation / Open Innovation: Workshops, keynotes, conferences, learning expeditions... make your business teams discover all the facets of AI and increase the skills of your technical teams!
  • 👉 Innovative prototyping in partnership with CentraleSupélec: benefit from a team of 3-4 students coached by our experts to develop your MVP in 6-8 weeks

Key informations about the company

  • 👉 Founded in 2017 in the birthplace of CentraleSupélec and the University of Paris Saclay.
  • 👉 60+ makers in the team, mainly experts in data science and software engineering.
  • 👉 45+ clients in all sectors and industrial investors such as Randstad and Chronopost