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KnowGL: Knowledge Generation and Linking from Text

The knowgl-large model is trained by combining Wikidata with an extended version of the training data in the REBEL dataset. Given a sentence, KnowGL generates triple(s) in the following format:

[(subject mention # subject label # subject type) | relation label | (object mention # object label # object type)]

If there are more than one triples generated, they are separated by $ in the output. More details in Rossiello et al. (AAAI 2023).

The model achieves state-of-the-art results for relation extraction on the REBEL dataset. See results in Mihindukulasooriya et al. (ISWC 2022).

The generated labels (for the subject, relation, and object) and their types can be directly mapped to Wikidata IDs associated with them.


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