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The Hydra Project


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Powerful MoEs and merges for language models.

The Hydra Project

We are a multi-headed beast, tackling the language frontier.


Our mission is to unleash the true potential of language models by harnessing the power of Mixture of Experts (MoEs) and merging techniques. Like the mythical Hydra, we grow stronger with each head, creating powerful, versatile, and adaptable language models for the future.


  • Developing novel MoE architectures for language tasks.
  • Crafting innovative merging strategies to combine expert knowledge.
  • Pushing the boundaries of high-performance language models.


  • Revolutionize the way we interact with machines through language.
  • Unlock new possibilities in natural language processing (NLP) applications.
  • Empower AI with a deeper understanding and expression of human language.

Join us on our quest to build the next generation of language models!

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