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Hungarian word vectors for HuSpaCy.

The model is trained on the Hungarian Webcorpus 2.0 using floret with the following hyperparameters: floret cbow -dim 100 -mode floret -bucket 200000 -minn 4 -maxn 6 -minCount 100 -neg 10 -hashCount 2 -lr 0.1 -thread 30 -epoch 5

Vectors are published in fasttext and floret format.

Feature Description
Name hu_vectors_web_lg
Version 1.0
Vectors 200000 keys (300 dimensions)
Sources Hungarian Webcorpus 2.0 (Dávid Márk Nemeskey (SZTAKI-HLT))
License cc-by-sa-4.0
Author SzegedAI, MILAB


Type Score
ACC 10.10
MRR 0.1772
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