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Also on https://civitai.com/models/5301/elysium-kuro-anime

Anime model is custom mix + finetune on dataset of high quality images (mix including Anything 4.0, WD 1.4 Booru, Seek Art Mega V1) and contains the contains the kl-f8-anime2 VAE from Waifu Diffusion.

Example settings:

Negative prompt: (lowres:1.1), (worst quality:1.2), (low quality:1.1), bad anatomy, bad hands, text, error, missing fingers, extra digit, fewer digits, cropped, normal quality, jpeg artifacts, signature, watermark, username, blurry

(General model): Clip skip 1, VAE: 'vae-ft-mse-840000' from StabilityAI (included)

(Anime model): Clip skip 2, VAE: 'kl-f8-anime2.ckpt' from Waifu Diffusion (included)

Example images from anime model:


General model coming soon.

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