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This repository provides the weights necessary to run inference on a DICOM coronary angiography video of the algorithms constituting DeepCoro, described in the paper titled "Evaluation of Stenoses Using AI Video Models Applied to Coronary Angiographies". Models weights for the primary anatomic struction classification (Algorithm 1) and stenosis detection (Algorithm 2) could not be made public.

Inference code

The inference code to use the weights is available on GitHub: DeepCoro inference


Labrecque Langlais, E., Corbin, D., Tastet, O., Hayek, A., Doolub, G., Mrad, S., Tardif, J.-C., Tanguay, J.-F., Marquis-Gravel, G., Tison, G., Kadoury, S., Le, W., Gallo, R., Lesage, F, & Avram, R. Evaluation of Stenoses Using AI Video Models Applied to Coronary Angiographies, 23 November 2023, PREPRINT (Version 1) available at Research Square [https://doi.org/10.21203/rs.3.rs-3610879/v1]

  title={Evaluation of Stenoses Using AI Video Models Applied to Coronary Angiographies},
  author={Labrecque Langlais, E. and Corbin, D. and Tastet, O. and Hayek, A. and Doolub, G. and Mrad, S. and Tardif, J.-C. and Tanguay, J.-F. and Marquis-Gravel, G. and Tison, G. and Kadoury, S. and Le, W. and Gallo, R. and Lesage, F. and Avram, R.},
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