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Checkpoint of MetaQA from MetaQA: Combining Expert Agents for Multi-Skill Question Answering (

How to Use

from inference import MetaQA, PredictionRequest
metaqa = MetaQA("haritzpuerto/MetaQA")
# run the QA Agents with the input question and context. For this example, I will show mockup outputs from extractive QA agents.
list_preds = [('Utah', 0.1442876160144806),
                ('DOC] [TLE] 1886', 0.10822545737028122),
                ('Utah Territory', 0.6455602645874023),
                ('Eli Murray opposed the', 0.352359801530838),
                ('Utah', 0.48052430152893066),
                ('Utah Territory', 0.35186105966567993),
                ('Utah', 0.8328599333763123),
                ('Utah', 0.3405868709087372),
# add ("", 0.0) to the list of predictions until the size is 16 (because MetaQA was trained on 16 datasets/agents including other formats, not only extractive)
for i in range(16-len(list_preds)):
    list_preds.append(("", 0.0))

request = PredictionRequest()
request.input_question = "While serving as Governor of this territory, 1880-1886, Eli Murray opposed the advancement of polygamy?"
request.input_predictions = list_preds

(pred, agent_name, metaqa_score, agent_score) = metaqa.run_metaqa(request)
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