Only full-ema? #5

by BananaJoe - opened

Sorry if I'm being dumb, but I'm looking for the smaller sized non-ema model. I'm running SD on a 6 GB gpu, so a 7.2 GB model is quite of scope for me. Does that even exist (aka am I blind)? If not, I'll try to run this inside Google Colab instead. πŸ™‚

Nevermind, I just downloaded and tried it, and it seems to be working.

Yes, the full-ema model is included so people can finetune the model as well if they so wish. The model can be pruned even further with this script:

size of your GPU doesn't matter for the size of the ckpt, it's loaded into your CPU RAM and it uses as much GPU VRAM as any other SD ckpt.