PhotoVintageV1.5 - 512x512

SD 1.5 trained model with assorted photographs from my work as a professional photographer. The photographs were processed with our own color filters (LUTS) to apply one of my favorite styles (vintage style).

This model is focused on photorealistic images. It can spawn all sorts of objects and people with quite an interesting quality.

I recommend using:

  • 30 - 40 steps - 7 - 13 CFG
  • euler a, ddim... (Experiment)


vintage polaroid analog portrait photography of a (HERE YOU CAN PUT THE SUBJECT OR OBJECT YOU WANT), warm azure tones, heavy lensflare, color bleed, film grain

"vintage polaroid analog portrait photography" (They are the key words to achieve the photorealism of the images.)

"warm azure tones, heavy lensflare, color bleed, film grain" (They are the key words to achieve the vintage colors and finishes of the images).

Images generated with the model: woman.jpg man.jpg pet.jpg parrot.jpg city.jpg

Feel free to experiment with keywords, styles, and whatever your imagination can afford with this model.

As a final recommendation... You can use references of photographic cameras, photographic lenses, focal lengths, diaphragm openings and any photographic characteristic to make your creations more stylized.

By: Jhoan Giraldo - Fotógrafo Medellín

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