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t5-base-dutch-demo 📰

Created by Yeb Havinga & Dat Nguyen during the Hugging Face community week

This model is based on t5-base-dutch and fine-tuned to create summaries of news articles.

For a demo of the model, head over to the Hugging Face Spaces for the Netherformer 📰 example application!


t5-base-dutch-demo is fine-tuned on three mixed news sources:

  1. CNN DailyMail translated to Dutch with MarianMT.
  2. XSUM translated to Dutch with MarianMt.
  3. News article summaries distilled from the nu.nl website.

The total number of training examples in this dataset is 1366592.


Training consisted of fine-tuning t5-base-dutch with the following parameters:

  • Constant learning rate 0.0005
  • Batch size 8
  • 1 epoch (170842 steps)


The performance of the summarization model is measured with the Rouge metric from the Huggingface Datasets library.

    "rouge{n}" (e.g. `"rouge1"`, `"rouge2"`) where: {n} is the n-gram based scoring,
    "rougeL": Longest common subsequence based scoring.
  • Rouge1: 23.8
  • Rouge2: 6.9
  • RougeL: 19.7

These scores are expected to improve if the model is trained with evaluation configured for the CNN DM and XSUM datasets (translated to Dutch) individually.

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