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W2V2-Transformer speech-to-text translation model from fairseq S2T (paper/code):


from fairseq.checkpoint_utils import load_model_ensemble_and_task_from_hf_hub
from fairseq.models.speech_to_text.hub_interface import S2THubInterface
from fairseq.models.text_to_speech.hub_interface import TTSHubInterface
import IPython.display as ipd
import torchaudio

models, cfg, task = load_model_ensemble_and_task_from_hf_hub(
    arg_overrides={"config_yaml": "config.yaml"},
model = models[0]
generator = task.build_generator(model, cfg)

# requires 16000Hz mono channel audio
audio, _ = torchaudio.load("/path/to/an/audio/file")

sample = S2THubInterface.get_model_input(task, audio)
text = S2THubInterface.get_prediction(task, model, generator, sample)

# speech synthesis
tts_models, tts_cfg, tts_task = load_model_ensemble_and_task_from_hf_hub(
  arg_overrides={"vocoder": "griffin_lim", "fp16": False},
tts_model = tts_models[0]
TTSHubInterface.update_cfg_with_data_cfg(tts_cfg, tts_task.data_cfg)
tts_generator = tts_task.build_generator([tts_model], tts_cfg)

tts_sample = TTSHubInterface.get_model_input(tts_task, text)
wav, sr = TTSHubInterface.get_prediction(
    tts_task, tts_model, tts_generator, tts_sample

ipd.Audio(wav, rate=rate)


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