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SeamlessM4T Large

SeamlessM4T is a collection of models designed to provide high quality translation, allowing people from different linguistic communities to communicate effortlessly through speech and text.

SeamlessM4T covers:

  • πŸ“₯ 101 languages for speech input
  • ⌨️ 96 Languages for text input/output
  • πŸ—£οΈ 35 languages for speech output.

This is the "large" variant of the unified model, which enables multiple tasks without relying on multiple separate models:

  • Speech-to-speech translation (S2ST)
  • Speech-to-text translation (S2TT)
  • Text-to-speech translation (T2ST)
  • Text-to-text translation (T2TT)
  • Automatic speech recognition (ASR)

SeamlessM4T models

Model Name #params checkpoint metrics
SeamlessM4T-Large 2.3B πŸ€— Model card - checkpoint metrics
SeamlessM4T-Medium 1.2B πŸ€— Model card - checkpoint metrics

We provide extensive evaluation results of SeamlessM4T-Medium and SeamlessM4T-Large in the SeamlessM4T paper (as averages) in the metrics files above.

Instructions to run inference with SeamlessM4T models

The SeamlessM4T models are currently available through the seamless_communication package. The seamless_communication package can be installed by following the instructions outlined here: Installation.

Once installed, a Translator object can be instantiated to perform all five of the spoken langauge tasks. The Translator is instantiated with three arguments:

  1. model_name_or_card: SeamlessM4T checkpoint. Can be either seamlessM4T_medium for the medium model, or seamlessM4T_large for the large model
  2. vocoder_name_or_card: vocoder checkpoint (vocoder_36langs)
  3. device: Torch device
import torch
from seamless_communication.models.inference import Translator

# Initialize a Translator object with a multitask model, vocoder on the GPU.
translator = Translator("seamlessM4T_large", vocoder_name_or_card="vocoder_36langs", device=torch.device("cuda:0"))

Once instantiated, the predict() method can be used to run inference as many times on any of the supported tasks.

Given an input audio with <path_to_input_audio> or an input text <input_text> in <src_lang>, we can translate into <tgt_lang> as follows.

S2ST and T2ST:

# S2ST
translated_text, wav, sr = translator.predict(<path_to_input_audio>, "s2st", <tgt_lang>)

# T2ST
translated_text, wav, sr = translator.predict(<input_text>, "t2st", <tgt_lang>, src_lang=<src_lang>)

Note that <src_lang> must be specified for T2ST.

The generated units are synthesized and the output audio file is saved with:

wav, sr = translator.synthesize_speech(<speech_units>, <tgt_lang>)

# Save the translated audio generation.

S2TT, T2TT and ASR:

# S2TT
translated_text, _, _ = translator.predict(<path_to_input_audio>, "s2tt", <tgt_lang>)

# This is equivalent to S2TT with `<tgt_lang>=<src_lang>`.
transcribed_text, _, _ = translator.predict(<path_to_input_audio>, "asr", <src_lang>)

# T2TT
translated_text, _, _ = translator.predict(<input_text>, "t2tt", <tgt_lang>, src_lang=<src_lang>)

Note that <src_lang> must be specified for T2TT.


If you plan to use SeamlessM4T in your work or any models/datasets/artifacts published in SeamlessM4T, please cite:

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The Seamless Communication code and weights are CC-BY-NC 4.0 licensed.

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