Feature Description
Name is_core_web_trf
Version 0.0.0
spaCy >=3.1.1,<3.2.0
Default Pipeline transformer, ner, tagger, parser
Components transformer, ner, tagger, parser
Vectors 0 keys, 0 unique vectors (0 dimensions)
Sources n/a
License n/a
Author n/a

Label Scheme

View label scheme (591 labels for 3 components)
Component Labels
ner Date, Location, Miscellaneous, Money, Organization, Percent, Person, Time
tagger aa, aae, aam, af, afe, afm, au, c, cn, ct, e, fahee, fahen, faheo, faheþ, fahfe, fahfn, fahfo, fahfþ, fakee, faken, fakeo, fakeþ, fakfe, fakfn, fakfo, fakfþ, favee, faven, faveo, faveþ, favfe, favfn, favfo, favfþ, fbhee, fbhen, fbheo, fbheþ, fbhfe, fbhfn, fbhfo, fbhfþ, fbkee, fbken, fbkeo, fbkeþ, fbkfe, fbkfn, fbkfo, fbkfþ, fbvee, fbven, fbveo, fbveþ, fbvfe, fbvfn, fbvfo, fbvfþ, fehee, fehen, feheo, feheþ, fehfe, fehfn, fehfo, fehfþ, fekee, feken, fekeo, fekeþ, fekfe, fekfn, fekfo, fekfþ, fevee, feven, feveo, feveþ, fevfe, fevfn, fevfo, fevfþ, fohee, fohen, foheo, foheþ, fohfe, fohfn, fohfo, fohfþ, fokee, foken, fokeo, fokeþ, fokfe, fokfn, fokfo, fokfþ, fovee, foven, foveo, foveþ, fovfe, fovfn, fovfo, fovfþ, fp1ee, fp1en, fp1eo, fp1eþ, fp1fe, fp1fn, fp1fo, fp1fþ, fp2ee, fp2en, fp2eo, fp2eþ, fp2fe, fp2fn, fp2fo, fp2fþ, fphee, fphen, fpheo, fpheþ, fphfe, fphfn, fphfo, fphfþ, fpkee, fpken, fpkeo, fpkeþ, fpkfe, fpkfn, fpkfo, fpkfþ, fpvee, fpven, fpveo, fpveþ, fpvfe, fpvfn, fpvfo, fpvfþ, fshee, fshen, fsheo, fsheþ, fshfe, fshfn, fshfo, fshfþ, fskee, fsken, fskeo, fskeþ, fskfe, fskfn, fskfo, fskfþ, fsvee, fsven, fsveo, fsveþ, fsvfe, fsvfn, fsvfo, fsvfþ, ghee, ghen, gheo, gheþ, ghfe, ghfn, ghfo, ghfþ, gkee, gken, gkeo, gkeþ, gkfe, gkfn, gkfo, gkfþ, gvee, gven, gveo, gveþ, gvfe, gvfn, gvfo, gvfþ, ks, kt, lheeof, lheesf, lheeve, lheevf, lheevm, lhenof, lhense, lhensf, lhenve, lhenvf, lhenvm, lheoof, lheose, lheosf, lheosm, lheove, lheovf, lheovm, lheþof, lheþse, lheþsf, lheþve, lheþvf, lheþvm, lhfeof, lhfese, lhfesf, lhfeve, lhfevf, lhfevm, lhfnof, lhfnse, lhfnsf, lhfnve, lhfnvf, lhfnvm, lhfoof, lhfose, lhfosf, lhfove, lhfovf, lhfovm, lhfþof, lhfþse, lhfþsf, lhfþve, lhfþvf, lhfþvm, lkeeof, lkeesf, lkeeve, lkeevf, lkeevm, lkenof, lkense, lkensf, lkenve, lkenvf, lkenvm, lkeoof, lkeose, lkeosf, lkeove, lkeovf, lkeovm, lkeþof, lkeþse, lkeþsf, lkeþve, lkeþvf, lkeþvm, lkfeof, lkfese, lkfesf, lkfeve, lkfevf, lkfevm, lkfnof, lkfnse, lkfnsf, lkfnve, lkfnvf, lkfnvm, lkfoof, lkfose, lkfosf, lkfove, lkfovf, lkfovm, lkfþof, lkfþse, lkfþsf, lkfþsm, lkfþve, lkfþvf, lkfþvm, lveeof, lveese, lveesf, lveeve, lveevf, lveevm, lvenof, lvense, lvensf, lvenve, lvenvf, lvenvm, lveoof, lveose, lveosf, lveove, lveovf, lveovm, lveþof, lveþse, lveþsf, lveþve, lveþvf, lveþvm, lvfeof, lvfese, lvfesf, lvfeve, lvfevf, lvfevm, lvfnof, lvfnse, lvfnsf, lvfnve, lvfnvf, lvfnvm, lvfoof, lvfose, lvfosf, lvfove, lvfovf, lvfovm, lvfþof, lvfþse, lvfþsf, lvfþsm, lvfþve, lvfþvf, lvfþvm, m, n----s, n-ee, n-ee-s, n-en, n-en-s, n-eng, n-eo, n-eo-s, n-eþ, n-eþ-s, n-fn, nhee, nhee-s, nheeg, nheegs, nhen, nhen-s, nheng, nhengs, nheo, nheo-s, nheog, nheogs, nheþ, nheþ-s, nheþg, nheþgs, nhfe, nhfe-s, nhfeg, nhfegs, nhfn, nhfn-s, nhfng, nhfngs, nhfo, nhfo-s, nhfog, nhfogs, nhfþ, nhfþ-s, nhfþg, nhfþgs, nkee, nkee-s, nkeeg, nkeegs, nken, nken-s, nkeng, nkengs, nkeo, nkeo-s, nkeog, nkeogs, nkeþ, nkeþ-s, nkeþg, nkeþgs, nkfe, nkfe-s, nkfeg, nkfegs, nkfn, nkfn-s, nkfng, nkfngs, nkfo, nkfo-s, nkfog, nkfogs, nkfþ, nkfþ-s, nkfþg, nkfþgs, nvee, nvee-s, nveeg, nveegs, nven, nven-s, nveng, nvengs, nveo, nveo-s, nveog, nveogs, nveþ, nveþ-s, nveþg, nveþgs, nvfe, nvfe-s, nvfeg, nvfegs, nvfn, nvfn-s, nvfng, nvfngs, nvfo, nvfo-s, nvfog, nvfogs, nvfþ, nvfþ-s, nvfþg, nvfþgs, pa, pg, pk, pl, sbg2en, sbg2fn, sbm2en, sbm2fn, sfg1en, sfg1eþ, sfg1fn, sfg1fþ, sfg2en, sfg2eþ, sfg2fn, sfg2fþ, sfg3en, sfg3eþ, sfg3fn, sfg3fþ, sfm1en, sfm1eþ, sfm1fn, sfm1fþ, sfm2en, sfm2eþ, sfm2fn, sfm2fþ, sfm3en, sfm3eþ, sfm3fn, sfm3fþ, slg, sng, snm, svg1en, svg1eþ, svg1fn, svg1fþ, svg2en, svg2eþ, svg2fn, svg2fþ, svg3en, svg3eþ, svg3fn, svg3fþ, svm1en, svm1eþ, svm1fn, svm1fþ, svm2en, svm2eþ, svm2fn, svm3en, svm3eþ, svm3fn, svm3fþ, sþghen, sþgheo, sþghfn, sþghfo, sþgken, sþgkeo, sþgkfn, sþgkfo, sþgven, sþgveo, sþgvfn, sþgvfo, sþgvfþ, sþmhen, sþmheo, sþmken, sþmven, ta, tfhee, tfhen, tfheo, tfheþ, tfhfe, tfhfn, tfhfo, tfhfþ, tfkee, tfken, tfkeo, tfkeþ, tfkfe, tfkfn, tfkfo, tfkfþ, tfvee, tfven, tfveo, tfveþ, tfvfe, tfvfn, tfvfo, tfvfþ, to, tp, v, x
parser ROOT, acl, acl:relcl, advcl, advmod, amod, appos, aux, case, cc, ccomp, compound:prt, conj, cop, dep, det, fixed, flat:name, mark, nmod, nmod:poss, nsubj, nummod, obj, obl, obl:arg, parataxis, punct, xcomp


Type Score
ENTS_F 92.06
ENTS_P 91.93
ENTS_R 92.18
NER_LOSS 120059.07
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