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PuoBERTa-POS: A Setswana Langage Model Finetuned on MasakhaPOS for Parts of Speech Tagging.

Zenodo doi badge arXiv 🤗 https://huggingface.co/dsfsi/PuoBERTa

A Roberta-based language model finetuned on MasakhanePOS for Parts of Speech Tagging.

Based on https://huggingface.co/dsfsi/PuoBERTa

Model Details

Model Description

This is a POS model trained on Setswana based on PuoBERTa and fineruned on MasakhaPOS Setswana.

  • Developed by: Vukosi Marivate (@vukosi), Moseli Mots'Oehli (@MoseliMotsoehli) , Valencia Wagner, Richard Lastrucci and Isheanesu Dzingirai
  • Model type: RoBERTa Model
  • Language(s) (NLP): Setswana
  • License: CC BY 4.0

Model Performance

Performance of models on the MasakhaPOS downstream task.

Model Test Performance
Multilingual Models
AfroLM 83.8
AfriBERTa 82.5
AfroXLMR-base 82.7
AfroXLMR-large 83.0
Monolingual Models
PuoBERTa 83.4
PuoBERTa+JW300 84.1


Use this model for Part of Speech Tagging for Setswana.

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Your contributions are welcome! Feel free to improve the model.

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Vukosi Marivate

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For more details, reach out or check our website.

Email: vukosi.marivate@cs.up.ac.za

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