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You can use TGI command-line interface (CLI) to download weights, serve and quantize models, or get information on serving parameters. To install the CLI, please refer to the installation section.

text-generation-server lets you download the model with download-weights command like below πŸ‘‡

text-generation-server download-weights MODEL_HUB_ID

You can also use it to quantize models like below πŸ‘‡

text-generation-server quantize MODEL_HUB_ID OUTPUT_DIR

You can use text-generation-launcher to serve models.

text-generation-launcher --model-id MODEL_HUB_ID --port 8080

There are many options and parameters you can pass to text-generation-launcher. The documentation for CLI is kept minimal and intended to rely on self-generating documentation, which can be found by running

text-generation-launcher --help

You can also find it hosted in this Swagger UI.

Same documentation can be found for text-generation-server.

text-generation-server --help
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