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spaCy-compatible sentence segmenter for Latin

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Model Details

Model Description

spaCy-compatible sentence segmenter for Latin trained on UD treebanks

  • Developed by: Patrick J. Burns
  • Model type: spaCy senter model
  • Language(s) (NLP): la
  • License: mit
  • Resources for more information:



  title = {la\_senter},  
  version = 0.3.1, 
  url = {https://github.com/diyclassics/la_senter},
  abstract = {spaCy-compatible sentence segmenter for Latin},
  urldate = {2023-03-11},
  author = {Burns, Patrick J.},
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How to Get Started with the Model

  • Install with...
    • pip install https://huggingface.co/diyclassics/la_senter/resolve/main/la_senter-0.3.1/dist/la_senter-0.3.1.tar.gz
  • Tested on python 3.10.8, spacy==3.5.1
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