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DistilBERT base multilingual model (cased)

This model is a distilled version of the BERT base multilingual model. The code for the distillation process can be found here. This model is cased: it does make a difference between english and English.

The model is trained on the concatenation of Wikipedia in 104 different languages listed here. The model has 6 layers, 768 dimension and 12 heads, totalizing 134M parameters (compared to 177M parameters for mBERT-base). On average DistilmBERT is twice as fast as mBERT-base.

We encourage to check BERT base multilingual model to know more about usage, limitations and potential biases.

Model English Spanish Chinese German Arabic Urdu
mBERT base cased (computed) 82.1 74.6 69.1 72.3 66.4 58.5
mBERT base uncased (reported) 81.4 74.3 63.8 70.5 62.1 58.3
DistilmBERT 78.2 69.1 64.0 66.3 59.1 54.7

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