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The model weights were updated at 7 AM UTC on Feb 7, 2024. The new model weights lead to a much more performant model – particularly for joins.

If you downloaded the model before that, please redownload the weights for best performance.

Model Card for SQLCoder-7B-2

A capable large language model for natural language to SQL generation.


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Model Description

This is the model card of a πŸ€— transformers model that has been pushed on the Hub. This model card has been automatically generated.

  • Developed by: Defog, Inc
  • Model type: [Text to SQL]
  • License: [CC-by-SA-4.0]
  • Finetuned from model: [CodeLlama-7B]

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This model is intended to be used by non-technical users to understand data inside their SQL databases. It is meant as an analytics tool, and not as a database admin tool.

This model has not been trained to reject malicious requests from users with write access to databases, and should only be used by users with read-only access.

How to Get Started with the Model

Use the code here to get started with the model.


Please use the following prompt for optimal results. Please remember to use do_sample=False and num_beams=4 for optimal results.

### Task
Generate a SQL query to answer [QUESTION]{user_question}[/QUESTION]

### Database Schema
The query will run on a database with the following schema:

### Answer
Given the database schema, here is the SQL query that [QUESTION]{user_question}[/QUESTION]


This model was evaluated on SQL-Eval, a PostgreSQL based evaluation framework developed by Defog for testing and alignment of model capabilities.

You can read more about the methodology behind SQLEval here.


We classified each generated question into one of 6 categories. The table displays the percentage of questions answered correctly by each model, broken down by category.

date group_by order_by ratio join where
sqlcoder-70b 96 91.4 97.1 85.7 97.1 91.4
sqlcoder-7b-2 96 91.4 94.3 91.4 94.3 77.1
sqlcoder-34b 80 94.3 85.7 77.1 85.7 80
gpt-4 72 94.3 97.1 80 91.4 80
gpt-4-turbo 76 91.4 91.4 62.8 88.6 77.1
natural-sql-7b 56 88.6 85.7 60 88.6 80
sqlcoder-7b 64 82.9 74.3 54.3 74.3 74.3
gpt-3.5 72 77.1 82.8 34.3 65.7 71.4
claude-2 52 71.4 74.3 57.1 65.7 62.9

Model Card Contact

Contact us on X at @defogdata, or on email at founders@defog.ai

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