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This contains the trained checkpoint for LENS, as introduced in LENS: A Learnable Evaluation Metric for Text Simplification (ACL, 2023). For more information, please refer to the LENS repository.

pip install lens-metric
from lens import download_model, LENS

lens_path = download_model("davidheineman/lens")
lens = LENS(lens_path, rescale=True)

complex = [
    "They are culturally akin to the coastal peoples of Papua New Guinea."
simple = [
    "They are culturally similar to the people of Papua New Guinea."
references = [[
    "They are culturally similar to the coastal peoples of Papua New Guinea.",
    "They are similar to the Papua New Guinea people living on the coast."

scores = lens.score(complex, simple, references, batch_size=8, devices=[0])
print(scores) # [78.6344531130125]

For an example, please see the quick demo Google Collab notebook.

Intended uses

This model is for reference-based text simplification evaluation, for a model requiring no references, please see LENS-SALSA.


If you find our paper, code or data helpful, please consider citing our work:

    title = "{LENS}: A Learnable Evaluation Metric for Text Simplification",
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