giraffe is eating leaves from the tree
A zebra is eating grass
people are riding on the horses
two girafee"s eating the tree leaves
An areoplane, airfranceis flying
Some birds are sitting on a branch of a tree
People gathered over a park
stop board in the park
zeebras walking in the grass
people moving on the road
a teddy on the floor
Some elephants in the jungle
A baseball match with players in position
a boy is playing in the tennis court
A cat holding a shoe
A boy is practicing martial arts
people playing in the grass
a statue of a man on horse
A boy is riding bike on the road
Giraffe standing in a forest
people are flying kites in the sky
A giraffe in the jungle
People are playing and walking around in a park
a person is water skiing
elephants are playing with each other
zebra running
Boys playing disc in garden
giraffes standing in the zoo
An airplane is flying in the sky
A giraffe is standing inside the compound of a zoo
cows grazing
group of trees near land
man with an umbrella walking on a path
Giraffe eating plant in sanctuary
man sitting on the horse
a man holding on to the strings of a flying parachute
A small giraffe eating grass
A Ship and boat in the water
Two clocks on the top of the tower
A Zebra in front of a mansion
flight on the run way
a truck in a forest
umbrellas hanging on the trees
a street sign board on a pole
A man is riding the horse.
A banana tree in a garden
A modern day aerolane flying high in the sky
A garden with lots of trees and plants and a pole structure in the middle
Two giraffe
A man is sitting on a bench with two dogs
kite flying in the sky
people are cleaning the road and cars stopped on the roadside
A man is skating in the ice
a person is sitting in front of surf boards
A cloudy sky over a farmland
an elephant on a truck
Aeroplane at the airport area
a man is flying kite
Boys are playing in the ground
Fighter plane
a herd of cows walking on grass
A Bear in the park
a Boy is playing football
people are walking with luggage
a dog grabbing a flying disc
a teddy bear hanging from a rope
Vehicles moving on highway road
people are standing beside horses
In this scene animals are grazing grasses in the field
a road full of lights from street lamp and vechile
paint on stop sign board
A sign board on pole
Train going on the track
Bear roaming in the grass
People playing golf in yard
a person is walking with umbrella on road
aeroplanes flying in the sky
Girl is flying a kite in the sky
Animals in the field near hills
A person playing with kite on ground
Zebras in a grass land
Grinch Mean Time the London Big Bang
A giraffe standing in the open jungle
A well decorated picnic spot in hill area
a big tree and a bench near the hillside
people are taking elephant ride
sheeps are in the grass field
A horse on the grassfield
Two people playing baseball in the field
people sitting on horse and other animals aside
A scooty is standing near a jungle
Dog playing in the garden
Giraffes in the forest area
Direction board on the street
aero planes are on runway
A horse standing near the hillside

Dataset Card for Sketch Scene Descriptions

Dataset used to train Sketch Scene text to image model

We advance sketch research to scenes with the first dataset of freehand scene sketches, FS-COCO. With practical applications in mind, we collect sketches that convey well scene content but can be sketched within a few minutes by a person with any sketching skills. Our dataset comprises around 10,000 freehand scene vector sketches with per-point space-time information by 100 non-expert individuals, offering both object- and scene-level abstraction. Each sketch is augmented with its text description.

For each row, the dataset contains image and text keys. image is a varying size PIL jpeg, and text is the accompanying text caption. Only a train split is provided.


If you use this dataset, please cite it as:

    title={FS-COCO: Towards Understanding of Freehand Sketches of Common Objects in Context.}
    author={Chowdhury, Pinaki Nath and Sain, Aneeshan and Bhunia, Ayan Kumar and Xiang, Tao and Gryaditskaya, Yulia and Song, Yi-Zhe},
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