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Dataset Summary

CSS is a large-scale cross-schema Chinese text-to-SQL dataset

Dataset Splits

Example-based Split

  • train: 3472 question/SQL pairs
  • dev: 434 question/SQL pairs
  • test: 434 question/SQL pairs

Template-based Split

  • train: 3470 question/SQL pairs
  • dev: 430 question/SQL pairs
  • test: 440 question/SQL pairs

Schema-based Split

  • train: 18550 question/SQL pairs
  • dev: 8150 question/SQL pairs
  • test: 6920 question/SQL pairs

Citation Information

      title={CSS: A Large-scale Cross-schema Chinese Text-to-SQL Medical Dataset}, 
      author={Hanchong Zhang and Jieyu Li and Lu Chen and Ruisheng Cao and Yunyan Zhang and Yu Huang and Yefeng Zheng and Kai Yu},
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