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"{"token": ["Zagat", "Survey", ",", "the", "guide", "empire", "that", "started", "as", "a", "hobby", "for", "Tim", "and", "Nina", "Zagat", "in", "1979", "as", "a", "two-page", "typed", "list", "of", "New", "York", "restaurants", "compiled", "from", "reviews", "from", "friends", ",", "has", "been", "put", "up", "for", "sale", ",", "according", "to", "people", "briefed", "on", "the", "decision", "."], "h": {"name": "Zagat", "pos": [0, 1]}, "t": {"name": "1979", "pos": [17, 18]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "ABC", ",", "formed", "only", "four", "months", "ago", "by", "veteran", "politician", "Tom", "Thabane", ",", "managed", "to", "get", "17", "constituency", "seats", "to", "become", "a", "major", "opposition", "in", "the", "tiny", "country", ",", "with", "one", "going", "to", "the", "small", "Alliance", "of", "Congress", "Parties", "-LRB-", "ACP", "-RRB-", "."], "h": {"name": "ABC", "pos": [1, 2]}, "t": {"name": "four months ago", "pos": [5, 8]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Founded", "in", "1901", ",", "the", "JNF", "is", "known", "around", "the", "Jewish", "world", "for", "its", "little", "blue", "collection", "boxes", ",", "where", "Jews", "contributed", "money", "to", "buy", "land", "for", "settlement", "."], "h": {"name": "JNF", "pos": [5, 6]}, "t": {"name": "1901", "pos": [2, 3]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "Central", "American", "Parliament", ",", "which", "has", "132", "members", "representing", "five", "nations", ",", "was", "created", "in", "1986", "to", "help", "integrate", "Central", "America", "politically", "but", "does", "not", "overrule", "or", "replace", "local", "legislatures", "."], "h": {"name": "Central American Parliament", "pos": [1, 4]}, "t": {"name": "1986", "pos": [16, 17]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "African", "Prosecutors", "Association", "was", "founded", "in", "August", "2004", "in", "Maputo", ",", "the", "capital", "of", "Mozambique", ",", "under", "the", "theme", "``", "Africa", "United", "Against", "Crime", ".", "''"], "h": {"name": "African Prosecutors Association", "pos": [1, 4]}, "t": {"name": "August 2004", "pos": [7, 9]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "ADB", "'s", "primary", "role", "when", "it", "was", "established", "in", "1966", "was", "to", "borrow", "money", "from", "the", "capital", "markets", "to", "lend", "to", "developing", "Asian", "economies", "that", "might", "struggle", "to", "raise", "affordable", "funds", "on", "their", "own", "."], "h": {"name": "ADB", "pos": [1, 2]}, "t": {"name": "1966", "pos": [10, 11]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Started", "in", "New", "York", "City", "as", "a", "hobby", "by", "Tim", "and", "Nina", "Zagat", "in", "1979", ",", "the", "survey", "is", "powered", "by", "the", "ratings", "and", "reviews", "of", "more", "than", "300,000", "surveyors", "worldwide", "."], "h": {"name": "Zagat", "pos": [12, 13]}, "t": {"name": "1979", "pos": [14, 15]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Analysts", "say", "Lashkar-e-Taiba", "was", "created", "in", "the", "1980s", "with", "the", "help", "of", "Pakistan", "'s", "intelligence", "agencies", ",", "which", "used", "it", "as", "a", "proxy", "fighting", "force", "in", "Indian", "Kashmir", "."], "h": {"name": "Lashkar-e-Taiba", "pos": [2, 3]}, "t": {"name": "the 1980s", "pos": [6, 8]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Doblin", "founded", "the", "Multidisciplinary", "Association", "for", "Psychedelic", "Studies", "-LRB-", "MAPS", "-RRB-", "in", "Boston", "in", "1986", "with", "the", "goal", "of", "supporting", "clinical", "research", "into", "hallucinogenic", "drugs", "and", "marijuana", "."], "h": {"name": "Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies", "pos": [3, 8]}, "t": {"name": "1986", "pos": [14, 15]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Established", "in", "1875", ",", "Blackburn", "were", "one", "of", "the", "founding", "members", "of", "the", "Football", "League", "."], "h": {"name": "Blackburn", "pos": [4, 5]}, "t": {"name": "1875", "pos": [2, 3]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Founded", "in", "1982", ",", "Jackson", "Hewitt", "was", "acquired", "by", "Cendant", ",", "the", "franchiser", "of", "Days", "Inn", "motels", "and", "Century", "21", "real", "estate", "office", ",", "in", "1998", "--", "the", "year", "Sohail", "opened", "his", "first", "Jackson", "Hewitt", "franchise", ",", "in", "Detroit", "--", "as", "Cendant", "was", "embroiled", "in", "a", "huge", "fraud", "."], "h": {"name": "Jackson Hewitt", "pos": [4, 6]}, "t": {"name": "1982", "pos": [2, 3]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["He", "established", "the", "Barnes", "Foundation", "in", "1922", "in", "a", "suburban", "neighborhood", "of", "Philadelphia", ",", "as", "an", "education", "institution", "rather", "than", "a", "museum", "."], "h": {"name": "Barnes Foundation", "pos": [3, 5]}, "t": {"name": "1922", "pos": [6, 7]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["In", "1999", "she", "founded", "the", "nonprofit", "Safe", "Passage", "program", ",", "set", "up", "a", "school", "in", "a", "small", "abandoned", "church", "at", "the", "dump", ",", "and", "ministered", "to", "the", "poor", "."], "h": {"name": "Safe Passage", "pos": [6, 8]}, "t": {"name": "1999", "pos": [1, 2]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Covidien", ",", "the", "health", "care", "company", "spun", "off", "from", "Tyco", "nearly", "three", "years", "ago", ",", "said", "Tuesday", "that", "it", "had", "agreed", "to", "buy", "Ev3", ",", "a", "maker", "of", "stents", "and", "other", "medical", "devices", ",", "for", "$", "2.6", "billion", "in", "cash", "."], "h": {"name": "Covidien", "pos": [0, 1]}, "t": {"name": "nearly three years ago", "pos": [10, 14]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "US", "State", "Department", "says", "that", "Lashkar-e-Taiba", "is", "the", "military", "wing", "of", "Markaz", "ud-Daoua", "Wal-Irshad", "-LRB-", "MDI", "-RRB-", ",", "a", "strongly", "anti-American", "group", "founded", "in", "1989", ",", "which", "follows", "the", "fundamentalist", "Wahhab", "strain", "of", "the", "Sunni", "Muslim", "faith", "."], "h": {"name": "Lashkar-e-Taiba", "pos": [6, 7]}, "t": {"name": "1989", "pos": [25, 26]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "Scorpions", ",", "officially", "called", "the", "Directorate", "of", "Special", "Operations", "and", "the", "equivalent", "of", "the", "FBI", ",", "were", "set", "up", "in", "1999", "to", "focus", "on", "organized", "crime", ",", "leaving", "the", "police", "to", "tackle", "violence", ",", "theft", "and", "other", "offenses", "."], "h": {"name": "Scorpions", "pos": [1, 2]}, "t": {"name": "1999", "pos": [21, 22]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Founded", "in", "1989", "in", "Taiwan", "by", "Dr", "Samuel", "Noordhoff", ",", "an", "American", "doctor", ",", "the", "NCF", "aims", "to", "help", "children", "and", "adults", "receive", "care", "and", "treatment", "for", "cleft", "palate", "and", "craniofacial", "deformity", "."], "h": {"name": "Noordhoff", "pos": [8, 9]}, "t": {"name": "1989", "pos": [2, 3]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "Red", "Sox", ",", "established", "in", "1901", ",", "had", "believed", "that", "Varitek", "was", "only", "the", "fourth", "captain", "in", "their", "history", "."], "h": {"name": "Red Sox", "pos": [1, 3]}, "t": {"name": "1901", "pos": [6, 7]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Tree-planting", "has", "an", "almost", "mystical", "quality", "here", ":", "For", "decades", ",", "Jews", "the", "world", "over", "have", "dropped", "coins", "into", "blue-and-white", "boxes", "of", "the", "Jewish", "National", "Fund", ",", "which", "has", "planted", "240", "million", "trees", "in", "the", "Carmel", "Forest", "and", "elsewhere", "across", "Israel", "since", "its", "founding", "in", "1901", "."], "h": {"name": "Jewish National Fund", "pos": [23, 26]}, "t": {"name": "1901", "pos": [45, 46]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Focus", "on", "the", "Family", ",", "which", "was", "founded", "in", "1977", ",", "is", "the", "first", "foreign", "organization", "to", "donate", "money", "to", "the", "program", ",", "he", "said", "."], "h": {"name": "Focus on the Family", "pos": [0, 4]}, "t": {"name": "1977", "pos": [9, 10]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "ADB", "was", "founded", "on", "Dec", "19", ",", "1966", "and", "China", "became", "a", "full", "member", "of", "the", "organization", "in", "March", "1986", "."], "h": {"name": "ADB", "pos": [1, 2]}, "t": {"name": "Dec 19 , 1966", "pos": [5, 9]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Established", "in", "1953", ",", "China", "Faw", "Group", "produced", "China", "'s", "first", "domestic", "model", "of", "truck", ",", "under", "the", "Jiefang", "-LRB-", "Liberation", "-RRB-", "brand", "in", "1956", "and", "later", "produced", "Hongqi", "-LRB-", "Red", "Flag", "-RRB-", "bulletproof", "sedans", ",", "which", "have", "been", "used", "by", "state", "leaders", "."], "h": {"name": "China Faw Group", "pos": [4, 7]}, "t": {"name": "1953", "pos": [2, 3]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "JNF", "was", "founded", "in", "1901", "to", "buy", "plots", "in", "Palestine", ",", "then", "ruled", "by", "the", "Ottomans", "."], "h": {"name": "JNF", "pos": [1, 2]}, "t": {"name": "1901", "pos": [5, 6]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["At", "its", "congress", "last", "December", ",", "the", "ruling", "African", "National", "Congress", "decide", "to", "dissolve", "the", "so-called", "Scorpions", ",", "established", "in", "1999", "to", "focus", "on", "organized", "crime", "."], "h": {"name": "Scorpions", "pos": [16, 17]}, "t": {"name": "1999", "pos": [20, 21]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "Barnes", "Foundation", "is", "a", "school", "built", "more", "than", "80", "years", "ago", "by", "Albert", "C.", "Barnes", "-LRB-", "1872-1951", "-RRB-", ",", "a", "cantankerous", "Philadelphia", "physician", "who", "became", "wealthy", "after", "developing", "a", "patent", "medicine", "."], "h": {"name": "Barnes Foundation", "pos": [1, 3]}, "t": {"name": "more than 80 years ago", "pos": [7, 12]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["In", "2003", ",", "Konica", "and", "Minolta", "merged", "to", "form", "Konica", "Minolta", "Holdings", "Inc", ",", "which", "became", "Japan", "'s", "fourth-largest", "camera", "and", "office", "equipment", "maker", "."], "h": {"name": "Konica Minolta", "pos": [9, 11]}, "t": {"name": "2003", "pos": [1, 2]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["KUALA", "LUMPUR", ",", "May", "26", "-LRB-", "Xinhua", "-RRB-", "Bernama", "Chairman", "Mohd", "Annuar", "Zaini", "said", "that", "Bernama", ",", "which", "started", "its", "operation", "in", "1968", "from", "a", "two-story", "bungalow", "with", "merely", "20-odd", "staff", "members", ",", "now", "has", "about", "800", "staff", "members", "nationwide", "and", "overseas", "."], "h": {"name": "Bernama", "pos": [8, 9]}, "t": {"name": "1968", "pos": [22, 23]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["James", "Dobson", ",", "one", "of", "the", "architects", "of", "a", "rabidly", "anti-gay", "national", "evangelical", "movement", ",", "has", "resigned", "as", "chairman", "of", "Focus", "On", "The", "Family", ",", "which", "he", "founded", "thirty", "years", "ago", "to", "further", "Christianist", "moral", "crusades", "in", "pursuit", "of", "an", "American", "theocracy", "."], "h": {"name": "Focus On The Family", "pos": [20, 24]}, "t": {"name": "thirty years ago", "pos": [28, 31]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Pandit", "worked", "at", "the", "brokerage", "Morgan", "Stanley", "for", "about", "11", "years", "until", "2005", ",", "when", "he", "and", "some", "Morgan", "Stanley", "colleagues", "quit", "and", "later", "founded", "the", "hedge", "fund", "Old", "Lane", "Partners", "."], "h": {"name": "Old Lane Partners", "pos": [28, 31]}, "t": {"name": "2005", "pos": [12, 13]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["He", "worked", "at", "Morgan", "Stanley", "for", "two", "decades", "until", "2005", ",", "when", "he", "and", "a", "few", "other", "disgruntled", "colleagues", "left", "the", "brokerage", "and", "founded", "the", "hedge", "fund", "Old", "Lane", "Partners", "."], "h": {"name": "Old Lane Partners", "pos": [27, 30]}, "t": {"name": "2005", "pos": [9, 10]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["In", "1995", ",", "he", "co-founded", "the", "International", "Crisis", "Group", "-LRB-", "ICG", "-RRB-", ",", "a", "private", ",", "non-governmental", "organization", "designed", "to", "strengthen", "the", "international", "community", "'s", "ability", "to", "anticipate", "and", "prevent", "man-made", "crises", "."], "h": {"name": "International Crisis Group", "pos": [6, 9]}, "t": {"name": "1995", "pos": [1, 2]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Tom", "Thabane", "'s", "All", "Basotho", "Convention", ",", "set", "up", "four", "months", "ago", ",", "had", "won", "15", "seats", "so", "far", "."], "h": {"name": "All Basotho Convention", "pos": [3, 6]}, "t": {"name": "four months ago", "pos": [9, 12]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Jamaat-ud-Dawa", "is", "run", "by", "Hafiz", "Saeed", ",", "who", "founded", "Lashkar-e-Taiba", "in", "1989", "."], "h": {"name": "Lashkar-e-Taiba", "pos": [9, 10]}, "t": {"name": "1989 .", "pos": [11, 13]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Founded", "in", "1951", ",", "SAC", "is", "a", "civilian", "and", "military", "aircraft", "manufacturer", "in", "northeast", "Chinese", "city", "of", "Shenyang", "."], "h": {"name": "SAC", "pos": [4, 5]}, "t": {"name": "1951", "pos": [2, 3]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Nottingham-Spirk", "has", "obtained", "nearly", "500", "commercialized", "patents", "since", "its", "founding", "in", "1972", "."], "h": {"name": "Nottingham-Spirk", "pos": [0, 1]}, "t": {"name": "1972", "pos": [11, 12]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Established", "in", "1858", ",", "with", "about", "150", "bases", "in", "74", "countries", ",", "Itochu", "is", "involved", "in", "international", "trade", "of", "various", "products", "such", "as", "textile", ",", "machinery", ",", "energy", "and", "food", "."], "h": {"name": "Itochu", "pos": [12, 13]}, "t": {"name": "1858", "pos": [2, 3]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Zagat", "Survey", "LLC", ",", "a", "restaurant", "guide", "company", "started", "28", "years", "ago", ",", "is", "also", "based", "on", "user", "reviews", ",", "but", "in", "book", "form", ",", "with", "only", "short", "excerpts", "pulled", "from", "each", "review", "."], "h": {"name": "Zagat Survey LLC", "pos": [0, 3]}, "t": {"name": "28 years ago", "pos": [9, 12]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Founded", "in", "1953", "with", "help", "from", "Soviet", "engineers", ",", "state-owned", "FAW", "is", "one", "of", "China", "'s", "most", "established", "automakers", "."], "h": {"name": "FAW", "pos": [10, 11]}, "t": {"name": "1953", "pos": [2, 3]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Founded", "in", "1989", "in", "Taiwan", "by", "Dr.", "Samuel", "Noordhoff", ",", "an", "American", "doctor", ",", "the", "NCF", "aims", "to", "help", "children", "and", "adults", "receive", "care", "and", "treatment", "for", "cleft", "palate", "and", "craniofacial", "deformity", "."], "h": {"name": "NCF", "pos": [15, 16]}, "t": {"name": "1989", "pos": [2, 3]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "company", "was", "founded", "as", "a", "hobby", "in", "1979", "by", "the", "husband", "and", "wife", "team", "of", "Tim", "and", "Nina", "Zagat", ",", "a", "pair", "of", "lawyers", "who", "started", "recuiting", "friends", "to", "provide", "their", "own", "ratings", "of", "the", "food", ",", "decor", "and", "service", "of", "restaurants", "they", "frequented", "."], "h": {"name": "Zagat", "pos": [19, 20]}, "t": {"name": "1979", "pos": [8, 9]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["But", "he", "admitted", "that", "both", "the", "International", "Monetary", "Fund", "and", "the", "World", "Bank", ",", "the", "two", "main", "international", "financial", "institutions", "created", "in", "1944", "in", "Bretton", "Woods", ",", "should", "be", "modernized", "."], "h": {"name": "International Monetary Fund", "pos": [6, 9]}, "t": {"name": "1944", "pos": [22, 23]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "current", "financial", "crisis", "will", "likely", "delay", "the", "Czech", "Republic", "'s", "adoption", "of", "the", "euro", ",", "Czech", "National", "Bank", "governor", "Zdenek", "Tuma", "said", "Sunday", "."], "h": {"name": "Czech National Bank", "pos": [16, 19]}, "t": {"name": "Sunday", "pos": [23, 24]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["But", "India", "still", "needs", "approval", "from", "the", "45-nation", "Nuclear", "Suppliers", "Group", ",", "or", "NSG", ",", "whose", "members", "were", "meeting", "in", "Vienna", "to", "discuss", "whether", "to", "grant", "India", "a", "waiver", "from", "the", "group", "'s", "rules", "."], "h": {"name": "NSG", "pos": [13, 14]}, "t": {"name": "Nuclear Suppliers Group", "pos": [8, 11]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "IMF", "was", "formed", "in", "1944", "to", "oversee", "the", "international", "monetary", "system", ",", "including", "exchange", "rates", ",", "and", "to", "provide", "temporary", "finance", "to", "countries", "struggling", "with", "balance", "of", "payments", "problems", "."], "h": {"name": "IMF", "pos": [1, 2]}, "t": {"name": "1944", "pos": [5, 6]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Denning", "founded", "Safe", "Passage", "in", "1999", "."], "h": {"name": "Safe Passage", "pos": [2, 4]}, "t": {"name": "1999", "pos": [5, 6]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Her", "firm", ",", "Pamela", "Martin", "&", "Associates", ",", "was", "in", "business", "from", "1993", "until", "last", "year", "."], "h": {"name": "Pamela Martin & Associates", "pos": [3, 7]}, "t": {"name": "1993", "pos": [12, 13]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "company", "was", "formed", "in", "2001", "by", "Patterson", "Energy", "'s", "acquisition", "of", "UTI", "Energy", "."], "h": {"name": "Patterson Energy", "pos": [7, 9]}, "t": {"name": "2001", "pos": [5, 6]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Lashkar-e-Taiba", "was", "founded", "20", "years", "ago", "with", "the", "help", "of", "Pakistan", "'s", "intelligence", "agencies", "as", "a", "proxy", "force", "to", "challenge", "Indian", "control", "of", "part", "of", "Muslim-dominated", "Kashmir", "."], "h": {"name": "Lashkar-e-Taiba", "pos": [0, 1]}, "t": {"name": "20 years ago", "pos": [3, 6]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Investigators", "had", "said", "all", "three", "were", "members", "of", "Lashkar-e-Taiba", ",", "a", "banned", ",", "Pakistan-based", "militant", "group", "formed", "in", "the", "1980s", "--", "with", "the", "alleged", "blessing", "of", "Pakistani", "intelligence", "--", "to", "sow", "trouble", "in", "the", "disputed", "Kashmir", "region", "."], "h": {"name": "Lashkar-e-Taiba", "pos": [8, 9]}, "t": {"name": "the 1980s", "pos": [18, 20]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Another", "outgrowth", "of", "his", "research", "was", "the", "creation", "in", "1975", "of", "the", "Federal", "Election", "Commission", ",", "the", "agency", "responsible", "for", "enforcing", "federal", "campaign", "finance", "laws", "."], "h": {"name": "Federal Election Commission", "pos": [12, 15]}, "t": {"name": "1975", "pos": [9, 10]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["In", "1901", ",", "the", "year", "in", "which", "JNF", "was", "founded", ",", "Israel", "contained", "only", "14,000", "dunam", "-LRB-", "roughly", "3,500", "acres", "-RRB-", "of", "forest", "land", "altogether", "."], "h": {"name": "JNF", "pos": [7, 8]}, "t": {"name": "1901", "pos": [1, 2]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "Central", "American", "Parliament", "was", "created", "in", "1986", "to", "help", "politically", "integrate", "Central", "America", ",", "but", "does", "not", "overrule", "or", "replace", "local", "legislatures", "."], "h": {"name": "Central American Parliament", "pos": [1, 4]}, "t": {"name": "1986", "pos": [7, 8]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "Jerusalem", "Foundation", ",", "which", "he", "started", "in", "1966", "to", "finance", "development", "and", "education", "projects", "in", "the", "city", ",", "collected", "more", "than", "$", "1", "billion", "over", "the", "years", "of", "his", "stewardship", "."], "h": {"name": "Jerusalem Foundation", "pos": [1, 3]}, "t": {"name": "1966", "pos": [8, 9]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Founded", "Bernard", "L", "Madoff", "Investment", "Securities", "in", "1960", "Born", ":", "1938", "Company", "ranks", "among", "largest", "``", "market", "makers", ",", "''", "intermediating", "in", "stock", "sales", "In", "Profile", ":", "Bernard", "L", "Madoff", "Former", "chairman", "of", "the", "board", "of", "the", "Nasdaq", "Stock", "Market"], "h": {"name": "Madoff Investment Securities", "pos": [3, 6]}, "t": {"name": "1960", "pos": [7, 8]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Salamat", "organized", "the", "Moro", "National", "Liberation", "Front", "in", "the", "early", "1970s", "together", "with", "a", "Marxist", "student", "activist", ",", "Nur", "Misuari", "and", "other", "Muslim", "militants", "."], "h": {"name": "Moro National Liberation Front", "pos": [3, 7]}, "t": {"name": "the early 1970s", "pos": [8, 11]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "Central", "American", "Parliament", ",", "with", "headquarters", "in", "Guatemala", "City", ",", "was", "set", "up", "in", "1986", "to", "promote", "Central", "American", "integration", "."], "h": {"name": "Central American Parliament", "pos": [1, 4]}, "t": {"name": "1986", "pos": [15, 16]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "opening", "of", "Hong", "Kong", "Disneyland", "theme", "park", "in", "2005", "and", "China", "'s", "anticipated", "entry", "to", "the", "World", "Trade", "Organization", "would", "have", "profound", "impacts", "on", "air", "traffic", "and", "airport", "operations", "for", "many", "years", "to", "come", ",", "said", "Fung", "."], "h": {"name": "Hong Kong Disneyland", "pos": [3, 6]}, "t": {"name": "2005", "pos": [9, 10]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Panama", "poised", "to", "withdraw", "from", "Central", "American", "Parliament", "PARLACEN", ",", "founded", "in", "1991", ",", "is", "based", "in", "Guatemala", "City", "and", "has", "six", "member", "states", "."], "h": {"name": "Central American Parliament", "pos": [5, 8]}, "t": {"name": "1991", "pos": [12, 13]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Chinese", "control", "over", "Xinjiang", "had", "been", "tenuous", "or", "non-existent", "for", "centuries", "until", "the", "late", "imperial", "period", ",", "intensifying", "after", "Communist", "China", "'s", "1949", "founding", "."], "h": {"name": "Communist China", "pos": [19, 21]}, "t": {"name": "1949", "pos": [22, 23]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "Inter", "American", "Press", "Association", "was", "set", "up", "in", "the", "1940s", "to", "defend", "press", "freedom", "in", "the", "Americas", "."], "h": {"name": "The Inter American Press Association", "pos": [0, 5]}, "t": {"name": "the 1940s", "pos": [9, 11]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "New", "South", "Wales", "Rugby", "Union", "said", "Friday", "it", "had", "signed", "an", "agreement", "with", "Japanese", "club", "NTT", "Communications", "to", "help", "improve", "the", "playing", "standard", "of", "the", "second", "division", "outfit.The", "Japanese", "club", "'s", "coaching", "and", "fitness", "staff", "have", "spent", "the", "last", "10", "days", "here", "with", "the", "NSW", "Waratahs", "'", "high-performance", "unit", "to", "discuss", "training", "and", "team", "development", "programmes", "they", "can", "implement", "at", "home", "."], "h": {"name": "New South Wales Rugby Union", "pos": [1, 6]}, "t": {"name": "last 10 days", "pos": [39, 42]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["But", "decades", "of", "stop-and-start", "campaign", "finance", "reform", "--", "from", "the", "1907", "law", "banning", "corporate", "contributions", "to", "the", "1975", "creation", "of", "the", "Federal", "Election", "Commission", "to", "today", "--", "have", "compelled", "candidates", "to", "plunge", "their", "hands", "deeper", "and", "deeper", "into", "the", "wallets", "of", "mainstream", "America", "."], "h": {"name": "Federal Election Commission", "pos": [21, 24]}, "t": {"name": "1975", "pos": [17, 18]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["It", "is", "the", "second", "time", "since", "1992", "that", "the", "Inter-American", "Press", "Association", ",", "set", "up", "in", "the", "1940s", "to", "defend", "press", "freedom", "in", "the", "Americas", ",", "has", "held", "its", "general", "assembly", "in", "Madrid", "."], "h": {"name": "Inter-American Press Association", "pos": [9, 12]}, "t": {"name": "1940s", "pos": [17, 18]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["KYOTO", ",", "Japan", "2007-05-06", "08:36:03", "UTC", "North", "Korea", "is", "one", "of", "Asia", "'s", "poorest", "countries", ",", "but", "is", "not", "a", "member", "of", "the", "67-member", "Asian", "Development", "Bank", ",", "which", "was", "founded", "in", "1966", "to", "fight", "regional", "poverty", "through", "economic", "development", "."], "h": {"name": "Asian Development Bank", "pos": [24, 27]}, "t": {"name": "1966", "pos": [32, 33]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["There", "were", "a", "lot", "of", "things", "to", "savor", "from", "the", "Bucs", "'", "completion", "of", "their", "first", "series", "sweep", "of", "the", "Panthers", "since", "2002", ",", "the", "inaugural", "season", "of", "the", "NFC", "South", "."], "h": {"name": "NFC South", "pos": [29, 31]}, "t": {"name": "2002", "pos": [22, 23]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Bernama", "began", "as", "a", "text", "news", "service", "in", "1968", "with", "coverage", "limited", "to", "Kuala", "Lumpur", "and", "nearby", "areas", "."], "h": {"name": "Bernama", "pos": [0, 1]}, "t": {"name": "1968", "pos": [8, 9]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["On", "the", "Net", ":", "Since", "opening", "in", "September", "2005", ",", "the", "park", "has", "come", "under", "fire", "for", "its", "poor", "attendance", "."], "h": {"name": "the park", "pos": [10, 12]}, "t": {"name": "September 2005", "pos": [7, 9]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Barnes", ",", "a", "pharmaceutical", "magnate", ",", "established", "the", "foundation", "in", "1922", "to", "teach", "populist", "methods", "of", "appreciating", "and", "evaluating", "art", "."], "h": {"name": "Barnes , a pharmaceutical magnate , established the foundation", "pos": [0, 9]}, "t": {"name": "1922", "pos": [10, 11]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["In", "May", "2008", ",", "rebels", "from", "the", "JEM", "launched", "a", "large-scale", "attack", "on", "the", "capital", "city", "of", "Khartoum", "."], "h": {"name": "JEM", "pos": [7, 8]}, "t": {"name": "May 2008", "pos": [1, 3]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Established", "in", "1953", ",", "FAW", "is", "China", "'s", "oldest", "automotive", "group", "and", "produced", "the", "country", "'s", "first", "domestic", "model", "of", "truck", ",", "under", "the", "Jiefang", "brand", ",", "in", "1956", ",", "and", "later", "produced", "Hongqi", "-LRB-", "or", "Red", "Flag", "-RRB-", "bulletproof", "sedans", ",", "which", "have", "been", "used", "by", "China", "'s", "state", "leaders", "."], "h": {"name": "FAW", "pos": [4, 5]}, "t": {"name": "1953", "pos": [2, 3]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["After", "Nigerian", "Archbishop", "Peter", "Akinola", "set", "up", "the", "Convocation", "of", "Anglicans", "in", "North", "America", "in", "2005", ",", "some", "US", "liberals", "accused", "African", "archbishops", "of", "breaching", "protocol", "by", "trying", "to", "create", "rival", "churches", "on", "their", "territory", "."], "h": {"name": "Convocation of Anglicans in North America", "pos": [8, 14]}, "t": {"name": "2005", "pos": [15, 16]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["In", "filings", "with", "the", "Federal", "Election", "Commission", ",", "the", "McCain", "campaign", "reported", "that", "it", "had", "begun", "March", "with", "$", "8", "million", "in", "cash", ",", "raised", "$", "15.4", "million", "during", "that", "month", "and", "spent", "$", "11.8", "million", "."], "h": {"name": "Federal Election Commission", "pos": [4, 7]}, "t": {"name": "March", "pos": [16, 17]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Joseph", "Nicolosi", ",", "the", "therapy", "organization", "'s", "president", ",", "said", "he", "co-founded", "the", "group", "in", "1992", "in", "response", "to", "the", "American", "Psychological", "Association", "'s", "disapproval", "of", "conversion", "therapy", "."], "h": {"name": "American Psychological Association", "pos": [20, 23]}, "t": {"name": "1992", "pos": [15, 16]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Chunghwa", "Telecom", "Co.", ",", "Taiwan", "'s", "largest", "telecom", "service", "operator", ",", "said", "in", "a", "statement", "that", "by", "the", "end", "of", "this", "year", "it", "will", "provide", "wireless", "access", "at", "some", "4,700", "convenience", "stores", "in", "the", "7-Eleven", "chain", ",", "which", "is", "operated", "by", "President", "Chain", "Store", "Corp.", "."], "h": {"name": "Chunghwa Telecom Co.", "pos": [0, 3]}, "t": {"name": "the end of this year", "pos": [17, 22]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Tom", "Thabane", ",", "who", "set", "up", "the", "All", "Basotho", "Convention", "four", "months", "ago", ",", "complained", "of", "irregularities", "during", "the", "election", ",", "including", "registered", "voters", "being", "unable", "to", "cast", "their", "ballot", "and", "ruling", "party", "candidates", "using", "official", "government", "transport", "to", "ferry", "voters", "to", "the", "polls", "."], "h": {"name": "All Basotho Convention", "pos": [7, 10]}, "t": {"name": "four months ago", "pos": [10, 13]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["-LRB-", "When", "the", "two", "agencies", "merged", "in", "2003", "to", "form", "the", "DCR", ",", "its", "first", "budget", "was", "$", "72.8", "million", ".", "-RRB-"], "h": {"name": "DCR", "pos": [11, 12]}, "t": {"name": "2003", "pos": [7, 8]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["A", "US-proposed", "NSG", "rule", "exemption", "would", "allow", "India", "to", "acquire", "nuclear", "technology", "and", "material", "previously", "off", "limits", "to", "it", "following", "New", "Delhi", "'s", "nuclear", "test", "explosion", "in", "1974", "and", "refusal", "to", "allow", "full-scope", "international", "safeguards", ",", "experts", "say", "."], "h": {"name": "NSG", "pos": [2, 3]}, "t": {"name": "1974", "pos": [27, 28]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "federal", "indictment", "alleges", "that", "Palfrey", "engaged", "more", "than", "100", "women", "from", "1993", "to", "2006", "``", "for", "the", "purpose", "of", "engaging", "in", "prostitution", "activity", "with", "male", "clients", ",", "including", "sexual", "intercourse", "and", "oral", "sex", "in", "exchange", "for", "money", ".", "''"], "h": {"name": "Palfrey", "pos": [5, 6]}, "t": {"name": "1993", "pos": [12, 13]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["This", "development", "was", "reached", "with", "different", "degrees", "of", "speed", "in", "different", "institutions", ":", "Hampton", "is", "still", "a", "high", "school", ",", "while", "Fisk", "University", "started", "her", "college", "in", "1871", ",", "and", "Spelman", "Seminary", "about", "1896", "."], "h": {"name": "Spelman Seminary", "pos": [30, 32]}, "t": {"name": "about 1896", "pos": [32, 34]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "project", ",", "which", "would", "cost", "350,000", "dollars", "and", "run", "from", "2009", "to", "2011", ",", "is", "one", "of", "hundreds", "up", "for", "discussion", "by", "the", "TACC", "."], "h": {"name": "TACC", "pos": [24, 25]}, "t": {"name": "2009", "pos": [11, 12]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["ISLAMABAD", ",", "Aug", "3", ",", "2010", "-LRB-", "AFP", "-RRB-", "The", "group", "was", "established", "in", "1989", "to", "fight", "Indian", "rule", "in", "Kashmir", "and", "has", "past", "links", "to", "Pakistani", "intelligence", "services", "and", "Al-Qaeda", "."], "h": {"name": "group", "pos": [10, 11]}, "t": {"name": "1989", "pos": [14, 15]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Joseph", "Kolter", "-", "Democrat", "-", "member", "of", "Pennsylvania", "State", "House", "of", "Representatives", "from", "1969", "to", "1982", "and", "U.S.", "Representative", "from", "Pennsylvania", "from", "1983", "to", "1993", "."], "h": {"name": "Pennsylvania State House of Representatives", "pos": [7, 12]}, "t": {"name": "1983", "pos": [22, 23]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "Czech", "National", "Day", "is", "28", "October", "."], "h": {"name": "Czech National Day", "pos": [1, 4]}, "t": {"name": "28 October", "pos": [5, 7]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["1927", ":", "Mao", "Zedong", "leads", "his", "followers", "to", "Chingkangshan", "in", "China", "'s", "Kiangsi", "Province", "where", "he", "begins", "to", "establish", "a", "base", "for", "the", "Chinese", "Communist", "Party", "."], "h": {"name": "Chinese Communist Party", "pos": [23, 26]}, "t": {"name": "1927", "pos": [0, 1]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["HONG", "KONG", "2008-03-05", "07:10:33", "UTC", "The", "theme", "park", "was", "supposed", "to", "be", "a", "triumphant", "showcase", "of", "the", "Disney", "brand", "at", "the", "doorstep", "of", "mainland", "China", "when", "it", "opened", "in", "September", "2005", "."], "h": {"name": "The theme park", "pos": [5, 8]}, "t": {"name": "September 2005", "pos": [29, 31]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["He", "co", "-", "founded", "MIT", "'s", "Media", "Lab", "in", "the", "1980s", "and", "turned", "it", "into", "a", "top", "laboratory", "in", "the", "then-new", "world", "of", "digital", "media", "."], "h": {"name": "He co", "pos": [0, 2]}, "t": {"name": "the 1980s", "pos": [9, 11]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["-LRB-", "The", "Tibetan", "Book", "of", "the", "Dead", ",", "Oxford", "University", "Press", ",", "1978", ",", "p.", "35", ".", "-RRB-"], "h": {"name": "Oxford University Press", "pos": [8, 11]}, "t": {"name": "1978", "pos": [12, 13]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["The", "Inter", "American", "Press", "Association", "was", "set", "up", "in", "the", "1940s", "to", "defend", "press", "freedom", "in", "the", "Americas", "."], "h": {"name": "Inter American Press Association", "pos": [1, 5]}, "t": {"name": "1940s", "pos": [10, 11]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Wilhelmina", "Cole", "Holladay", ",", "an", "art", "collector", ",", "founded", "it", "in", "1981", "."], "h": {"name": "it", "pos": [9, 10]}, "t": {"name": "1981", "pos": [11, 12]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Congress", "set", "up", "the", "Federal", "Election", "Commission", "in", "1975", "amid", "a", "wave", "of", "post-Watergate", "reforms", "intended", "to", "end", "corruption", "in", "the", "political", "process", "."], "h": {"name": "Federal Election Commission", "pos": [4, 7]}, "t": {"name": "1975", "pos": [8, 9]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["First", "off", ",", "all", "SAC", "missions", "were", "after", "WWII", ",", "since", "SAC", "was", "established", "in", "1946", "."], "h": {"name": "SAC", "pos": [11, 12]}, "t": {"name": "1946", "pos": [15, 16]}, "relation": "org:founded"}"
"{"token": ["Taiwan", "'s", "envoy", "to", "HK", "to", "assume", "post", "soon", "after", "finally", "getting", "visa", "Yang", ",", "who", "originally", "headed", "the", "MAC", "'s", "Department", "of", "Legal", "Affairs", ",", "will", "replace", "Pao", "Cheng-kang", "as", "managing", "director", "of", "Chung", "Hwa", "Travel", "Service", ",", "the", "formal", "title", "of", "Taiwan", "'s", "representative", "office", "in", "Hong", "Kong", ",", "the", "MAC", "sources", "said", "."], "h": {"name": "MAC", "pos": [52, 53]}, "t": {"name": "Department of Legal Affairs", "pos": [21, 25]}, "relation": "org:subsidiaries"}"
"{"token": ["The", "first", "phase", "of", "construction", "for", "Shanghai", "Disneyland", "will", "cover", "only", "116", "hectares", "-LRB-", "1.2", "square", "kilometres", "-RRB-", ",", "making", "it", "smaller", "than", "the", "126-hectare", "Hong", "Kong", "park", "and", "one", "of", "the", "smallest", "of", "Disney", "'s", "franchises", "."], "h": {"name": "Disney", "pos": [34, 35]}, "t": {"name": "Shanghai Disneyland", "pos": [6, 8]}, "relation": "org:subsidiaries"}"
"{"token": ["COLORADO", "HIGHWAY", "CLOSING", "STRANDS", "2,000", "TRAVELERS", "The", "Red", "Cross", "set", "up", "nine", "shelters", "at", "recreation", "centers", "and", "schools", "on", "Sunday", "night", ",", "most", "of", "them", "in", "Summit", "County", ",", "said", "Christine", "Benero", ",", "chief", "executive", "of", "the", "Mile", "High", "Chapter", "of", "the", "Red", "Cross", "."], "h": {"name": "Red Cross", "pos": [7, 9]}, "t": {"name": "Mile High Chapter of the Red Cross", "pos": [37, 44]}, "relation": "org:subsidiaries"}"
"{"token": ["It", "'s", "unclear", "how", "Lawson", "'s", "position", ",", "and", "McColgan", "'s", "departure", ",", "affect", "Johnson", "'s", "daughter", ",", "Abigail", "P.", "Johnson", ",", "the", "head", "of", "Fidelity", "'s", "big", "employer-services", "unit", "who", "also", "recently", "became", "vice", "chair", "of", "the", "board", "of", "directors", "of", "Fidelity", "parent", "FMR", "Corp.", "."], "h": {"name": "FMR Corp.", "pos": [44, 46]}, "t": {"name": "Fidelity", "pos": [25, 26]}, "relation": "org:subsidiaries"}"
"{"token": ["Air", "China", "affiliate", "China", "National", "Aviation", "Corp.", "already", "holds", "an", "11", "percent", "stake", "in", "China", "Eastern", "."], "h": {"name": "China National Aviation Corp.", "pos": [3, 7]}, "t": {"name": "China Eastern", "pos": [14, 16]}, "relation": "org:subsidiaries"}"
"{"token": ["The", "civil", "allegations", "against", "those", "former", "ConAgra", "executives", "and", "against", "three", "former", "executives", "of", "the", "ConAgra", "subsidiary", "United", "Agri", "Products", "are", "similar", "to", "allegations", "the", "SEC", "made", "against", "ConAgra", "."], "h": {"name": "ConAgra", "pos": [15, 16]}, "t": {"name": "United Agri Products", "pos": [17, 20]}, "relation": "org:subsidiaries"}"
"{"token": ["Staples", "founder", "Tom", "Stemberg", "and", "his", "venture", "capital", "firm", ",", "Highland", "Capital", "Partners", ",", "are", "scooping", "up", "another", "Boston-area", "business", ":", "City", "Sports", ",", "the", "urban", "specialty-sports", "retailer", "."], "h": {"name": "Highland Capital Partners", "pos": [10, 13]}, "t": {"name": "City Sports", "pos": [21, 23]}, "relation": "org:subsidiaries"}"
"{"token": ["ConAgra", "Foods", "Inc", ",", "maker", "of", "Hebrew", "National", "hot", "dogs", "and", "Slim", "Jim", "snacks", ",", "fell", "the", "most", "in", "more", "than", "a", "year", "after", "reporting", "a", "drop", "in", "third-quarter", "revenue", "."], "h": {"name": "ConAgra Foods", "pos": [0, 2]}, "t": {"name": "Hebrew National", "pos": [6, 8]}, "relation": "org:subsidiaries"}"
"{"token": ["The", "Alcatel-Lucent", "company", "that", "will", "operate", "this", "business", "will", "be", "known", "as", "Thompson", "Advisory", "Group", "LLC", "."], "h": {"name": "Alcatel-Lucent", "pos": [1, 2]}, "t": {"name": "Thompson Advisory Group LLC", "pos": [12, 16]}, "relation": "org:subsidiaries"}"
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