Are the condition image and the image reversed? #1

by jfischoff - opened

Looking at the Dataset Card tab, it shows the condition image as full colors that match the prompt and the image as the outline. Isn't that reversed from what was intended?

Oddly, the extracted images folders and conditioning_images are correct. Not sure if this is a problem with the data set or the display on huggingspace ... or I'm confused about something.

Yes that's correct! That was fixed after I moved the dataset here

Did you find the dataset under my personal page linked from docs? If so I should update the link to point at the right one

Ah okay this is starting to make sense. I used the fusing/fill50k and everything worked (although there is an issue with the control net training script for local dataset I had to workaround). Then I was too lazy to look at the folder I had on disk and googled to here, but now I see. This is a different repo then one I used. Gotcha.

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Nice! would you mind opening an issue on diffusers for the issue you encountered?

Sigh. Yeah. I should do that.

Here is the issue. Happy to learn it was user error:

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