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简介 Brief Introduction


The Ziya-LLaMA-13B-v1 is a large-scale pre-trained model based on LLaMA with 13 billion parameters. It has the ability to perform tasks such as translation, programming, text classification, information extraction, summarization, copywriting, common sense Q&A, and mathematical calculation. The Ziya-LLaMA-13B-v1 has undergone three stages of training: large-scale continual pre-training (PT), multi-task supervised fine-tuning (SFT), and human feedback learning (RM, PPO).

模型分类 Model Taxonomy

需求 Demand 任务 Task 系列 Series 模型 Model 参数 Parameter 额外 Extra
通用 General AGI模型 姜子牙 Ziya LLaMA 13B English&Chinese

模型信息 Model Information

继续预训练 Continual pretraining

原始数据包含英文和中文,其中英文数据来自openwebtext、Books、Wikipedia和Code,中文数据来自清洗后的悟道数据集、自建的中文数据集。在对原始数据进行去重、模型打分、数据分桶、规则过滤、敏感主题过滤和数据评估后,最终得到125B tokens的有效数据。


在增量训练过程中,我们使用了160张40GB的A100,采用2.6M tokens的训练集样本数量和FP 16的混合精度,吞吐量达到118 TFLOP per GPU per second。因此我们能够在8天的时间里在原生的LLaMA-13B模型基础上,增量训练110B tokens的数据。

训练期间,虽然遇到了机器宕机、底层框架bug、loss spike等各种问题,但我们通过快速调整,保证了增量训练的稳定性。我们也放出训练过程的loss曲线,让大家了解可能出现的问题。

The original data contains both English and Chinese, with English data from openwebtext, Books, Wikipedia, and Code, and Chinese data from the cleaned Wudao dataset and self-built Chinese dataset. After deduplication, model scoring, data bucketing, rule filtering, sensitive topic filtering, and data evaluation, we finally obtained 125 billion tokens of valid data.

To address the issue of low efficiency in Chinese encoding and decoding caused by the native word segmentation of LLaMa, we added 8,000 commonly used Chinese characters to the LLaMa vocabulary. By removing duplicates with the original LLaMa vocabulary, we finally obtained a vocabulary of size 39,410. We achieved this by reusing the LlamaTokenizer in Transformers.

During the incremental training process, we used 160 A100s with a total of 40GB memory, using a training dataset with 2.6 million tokens and mixed precision of FP16. The throughput reached 118 TFLOP per GPU per second. As a result, we were able to incrementally train 110 billion tokens of data on top of the native LLaMa-13B model in just 8 days.

Throughout the training process, we encountered various issues such as machine crashes, underlying framework bugs, and loss spikes. However, we ensured the stability of the incremental training by making rapid adjustments. We have also released the loss curve during the training process to help everyone understand the potential issues that may arise.

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