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"Tmmy lee Jones super realistic detailed beautiful detailed portrait --test --ar 8:10"
"a beautiful rendition of the god of jelly fishes machines, thousands of acid flowers, high voltage magic, ornate, arcane electricity, complex scene , highly detailed. --w 2160 --h 3840"
"floating microbacteria, fibers, forming a gigantic human body, standing on a planet, enviroment, nebula, space tunnel, 4k, octane render, houdini particles, high detailed, hyper-realistic, cinematic, epic, moody, Photography by Sarah Morris, Hellen van Meene, Craig Mullens, artstation, nasa, lens dirt, --ar 16:9"
"alien plant grows amongst piles of trash, dystopian landscape, wall-e, animated, super real 3D render, seedling plant, —ar 9:16"
"polaroid of a mysterious figure ina black flowing in the wind cloak in a detailed dark spooky forest infront of full eclipse in the style of floria sigismondi and matt mahurin and robert mapplethorpe cinematic depth moody dark film emulsion photograph"
"abstract painting: The mighty Viking warship Rides the waves with ease With its large sail billowing In the wind The ship is laden with warriors Ready to fight And defend their land With strength and courage They will face their enemies And win the day"
"a hyper realistic render Lisbon tram, 8k, octane render --ar 7:5 --uplight"
"portrait of a necromancer priestess, Kodak Portra 400"
"there qre endless possibilities"
"bio mechanical dog. orthographic side view. blueprint. intricate details. H.R.Giger. --ar 3:1"
"/roasted xenomorph, freshly cooked, with garnishings and mixed vegetables, dripping with gravy, fresh and moist, steam, dirty plate and table, ornate alien, hr Giger, on a kitchen table, kitchen background, food photography, photorealistic, CGI, high details, depth of field"
"Uzi made by Acme"
"queen in a long lace gown with a lace veil covering her face, luxurious jewelry, royal sceptre, gothic cathedral in background, Bloodborne style, 4k"
"railway platform Our deeds still travel with us from afar And what we have been makes us what we are, glitch, cinematic, cinematography by Stanley Kubrick —ar 16:9"
"dripping mucus, amoeba, african tribal dressing, fungi, crawling vessels, battleship, jellyfish, chomper, sharp teeth, 4k, octane render, houdini particles, high detailed, hyper-realistic, cinematic, epic, moody, Photography by Sarah Morris, Hellen van Meene, Izumi Kato, Craig Mullens, artstation, nasa, lens dirt, micro photography, --ar 16:9"
"/imagine 3 dimensional, photorealistic, detailed, lovecraft chess set, reflective, intricate, steam punk Message "cool stuff""
"woodbine digital platform for contemporary poetry --ar 16:9"
"purple wisteria flower tree lush landscape mountain by Miyazaki Nausicaa Ghibli, spirited away, breath of the wild style --w 1152 --h 2048"
"an ominous dark city. hyper-detailed. low poly medieval baroque. symmetric. epic. hyper-realistic. five-point perspective. hyperrealistic. unreal render --uplight"
"red square::5 --seed 3838"
"Photorealistic Jon Irenicus (Baldur's Gate II) --ar 7:11"
"sparkling water --ar 16:9 --uplight --hd"
"realistic detailed minimalist japanese futurism clean liminal space dark and mysterious in the style of floria sigismondi and tim walker and matt mahurin and robert mapplethorpe cinematic moody photography"
"Miller high life can, dark, spooky, high resolution"
"Geishas near a lake by artist Hikari Shimoda, unreal engine 5, high detail, realistic render, octane render, 4k --aspect 5:3"
"Paiting of Mike Tyson by Caravaggio"
"beautiful portrait painting of Abigail Spencer, concept art , trending on artstation, James Jean"
"a underground rainbow tunnel cave drawings, atmospheric, dreamy, realistic, full frame, 35mm film, photography, Gregory Crewdson, —ar 1:1"
"poshy pants"
"hovering sphere made of garbage, droplets of paint dripping from it."
"grotesque fantastical futurist detailed mechanical japanese alice in wonderland dark and moody liminal space dark spooky forest in the style of floria sigismondi and robert mapplethorpe and tim walker and tsutomu nihei"
"futuristic, backlit silhouette face of person, cyberpunk girl, character, dramatic lighting, cinematic lighting, hyper maximilism, highly detailed and intricate, backlit portrait, no facial features, anonymous person, psychedellic colors, hyper detailed, octane render"
"Matrix in Metaverse"
"portal in times square"
"black paper, white tones, Chess board illustration designed Marc Simonetti and Mike Mignola + intricate ink illustration + perfect symmetry"
"abstract painting, muted colors, minimalism, —ar 21:9"
"massive chunky statue of sleeping giant druids emerges from the ocean has become a small city + overgrown + Earthsea + the island kingdom of Evergreen + gouache painting + ni no kuni style --ar 16:9"
"a trendle bear"
"the blueprint of an alien mage structure, highly detailed --h 3000 --w 2000"
"a beautiful composition of a glowing psychedelic spirit animal shaman on a magical river canoeing through a portal towards the viewer, DMT, rich details full of texture, style by Mœbius and Katsuhiro Otomo and Pogo —ar 12:16 —test"
"horrible felt creatures, diorama, hyper-realism, grotty, scratchy, mold, old photograph"
"< tarot card, portal, black, dark grey and white hues, black paper with intricate grey linework, swirl, crumpled paper texture, intricate, detailed, golden ratio, hypermaximalism, Dan Mumford, rats, rotting decay --ar 3:1"
"massive great hall forest, inpenetrable connecting arches of branches, translucent sunset light, dark hollow background, grown over panoramic, 18th century master painting, kentaro miura, golden ratio, --ar 10:2"
"1980’s photo, outdoors, massive mechanical monolith compartments intricate detail"
"person praying to ethereum in a satanic shrine, ai, depth of field"
"Onna-musha-cowboy woman in the desert portrait by Ross Tran, illustration, graphic novel style, vaporwave, big clouds, well lit, cinematic lighting --stop 90 --no horse --ar 4:5 --uplight"
"black marble sculpture of a woman’s head, submerged in a massive wave, Eastman 65mm —ar 16:9"
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Midjourney is an independent research lab whose broad mission is to "explore new mediums of thought". In 2022, they launched a text-to-image service that, given a natural language prompt, produces visual depictions that are faithful to the description. Their service is accessible via a public Discord server: users issue a query in natural language, and the Midjourney bot returns AI-generated images that follow the given description. The raw dataset (with Discord messages) can be found on Kaggle: Midjourney User Prompts & Generated Images (250k). The authors of the scraped dataset have no affiliation to Midjourney.

This HuggingFace dataset was processed from the raw Discord messages to solely include the text prompts issued by the user (thus excluding the generated images and any other metadata). It could be used, for instance, to fine-tune a large language model to produce or auto-complete creative prompts for image generation.

Check out succinctly/text2image-prompt-generator, a GPT-2 model fine-tuned on this dataset.

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